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This is History (890)

Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.


Assembly Polls : bureaucracy, a divided house

Results of five State Assembly Polls are round the corner but bureaucracy at the Centre seems to be a divided house. Even Babus of concern states are having different opinions. During informal chat many babudom were heard on party line.


Resorts booked in two states ?

Some political parties  have booked resorts in Madhya Pradesh  and Chhattisgarh  after exit polls show close contest.


Who will be the kingmakers in MP and Chhattisgarh ?

If one was to go by the MP and Chhattisgarh exit poll results, ‘poll of polls’ in both the states don’t predict clear majority for either the BJP or the Congress. Who will be the kingmaker if such a situation arises ?



Exit Polls.....


Still in Shimla.... today I meet my respected friend..... retired Senior Bureaucrat.....at a Cafe with a breathtaking view... over soups ..freshly baked rolls and salads  we get chatting...

Respected Friend: Durbaris giving spins to Michel's interrogation...didn't know CBI reports to them... one News Arm of a News Group reports he did not say a word ....the other Arm says he sang like a Canary bird...
Me: It'll be interesting to know the faces behind The Family and AP......though I think both pretty obvious...

RF: And the Durbari beneficiaries of the 6 crore Michel doled out to get suitable Content printed and aired!!
M: Hear Saudi Oil Minister has said they will take Modi's views on Oil Prices into consideration while deciding future Oil prices..
RF: Trump and Modi can be credited for prices coming down....Modi was able to convince Trump on India buying Oil from Iran......
M: This is a fact Modi has created a new stature for India's PM and of course for himself too..... personally his honesty... work ethics..... creating a huge fan following for him..
RF: Why ....he has fans in Pakistan too.... many Pakistanis want their PM to be like Modi...
M: Now what do all those who keep on attacking Modi on his overseas trips have to say...
RF: State Elections.... if BJP scrapes through ..... EVMs fixed..... if BJP loses a State... EVMs fixed ..... loss would have been by greater margin otherwise... and via fixed EVMs won the other States...
... if BJP wins decisively... EVMs fixed...
M: We need to take the Exit Polls with a pinch of salt..... because Darbaari Channels showing outright loss for BJP....
RF: Yes.... aim being... on counting day when BJP wins  they can start their EVM ronna dhonna.....see.... when Exit Polls predicted a loss for BJP how did BJP win...
M: One Media Group takes the cake... its one News Channel predicts win for BJP... the other one predicts loss for BJP... its Print arm gives a muddled pic...
RF: These Exit Polls are a joke....majority of rural folk especially will never let Pollsters know about who they voted for...they are suspicious of Shehris as it is...
M: Cities do throw up a somewhat true pic... 
RF: Usually...be it Cities or Villages... it's  shallow and faulty sampling that causes inaccuracies..
M: And then the biases.... some Surveys do a mockery and dish out results as per biase... usually monetary caused biase...
RF: Some Darbaari Channels showing win for Congress in all 5 States.... but still Congress crying about EVMs.... 
M: Relative of Vadra ....tweeting the raids on Vadra are to distract Public from EVM fixing....
RF: Netas usually get somewhat of an idea about the outcome.... so Congress EVM ronna dhonna is a pointer that the Exit Polls showing Congress sweep are bunkum...
M: CNN which prides itself  on its accuracy was grossly off the mark in the US Presidential Election...despite the very large sample .....technology application.
RF: Worst case scenario for BJP.... if they lose a couple of States...take it in their stride...
M: Silver lining ...usually  electorate votes just the opposite in General Elections !!!!
RF: These are just Battles.... War is 2019 General Election...and between now and 2019 election I expect a lot to happen.... groundbreaking... some taboos will be broken...Holy Cows will be touched for one...

I nod my head in agreement..... we pay the  tab and move out ......


Disclaimer:  Satire . Not meant to influence, inform, insult or caste any aspersions. Purely for Entertainment purposes only. With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs




CIC Selection Committee to meet on Tuesday

Selection Committee to select Chief Information Commissioner and a few Commissioners  is to meet on Tuesday.


Dr Krishnamurthy Subramanian appointed Chief Economic Adviser

Dr Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Associate Prof. & ED (CAF), ISB, Hyderabad, has been appointed as Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) on contract basis for a period of three years.

Will CD revamp ?

Govt seems in a mood to revamp the Civil Defence organisation. The recommendations made by the Group of Ministers after the Kargil War and other Committees could be looked into for the proposed revamping to improve the Civil Defence organisation. How to make optimum use of Civil Defence should be examined. According to Rajnath Singh , Home minister, with changing times, there is a need to provide leadership role at Warden Level by giving opportunities to young blood in the organisation.

Vikram Misri yet to assume charge as Ambassador to China

Vikram Misri is yet to assume charge as the next Ambassador of India to the People’s Republic of China. He is an Indian Foreign Service officer of 1989 batch.

Preeti Saran appointed on UN Committee

Preeti Saran has been appointed as India’s Candidate on UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for a period of four years w.e.f. January 1, 2019. She is an Indian Foreign Service officer of 1982 batch.

M Yogajayanand continues as Lecturer, CASFOS till Apr 2020

M Yogajayanand will continue as Lecturer, Central Academy for State Forest Service (CASFOS), Coimbatore on deputation till April 24, 2020 as his tenure has been extended to the period. He is a 2005 batch IFS officer of Odisha cadre.

Sanjeev Kumar Handa selected as Director (Proj), Engineers India Ltd

Sanjeev Kumar Handa, ED, Engineers India Limited, has been selected for the post of Director (Projects), Engineers India Limited (EIL) at a Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) meeting held on December 7, 2018. As many as eight persons were interviewed for the same.

Suresh S Vastrad takes over as Director (R&MB), BEML Ltd

Suresh S Vastrad has assumed charge as Director (Rail & Metro Business) and Member of the Board of BEML Limited, a mini-ratna company under the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India.

23 IRS-C&CE officers promoted to Chief Commissioner/DG grade

As many as 23 IRS-C&CE officers have been promoted to the grade of Chief Commissioner/Director General of Customs and Central Excise. The officers are: Reena Arya, Om Prakash Dadhich, Sunil Kumar Das, Ranjan Kumar Sahoo, Sandeep Kumar, Baruah Sailaja Ray, Jayant Kumar Jha, Himanshu Gupta, Vasa Sesha Giri Rao, Rajpal Sharma, Anil Kumar Jain, Balesh Kumar, Suchitra Sharma, Manoj Krishna, Ashok Kumar Mehta, Ranjana Jha, Gollamudi Venkata Krishna Rao, Bodduluri Hare Ram, Bharati S Chavan, Naresh Penumaka, H R Bheema Shankar, Vinod Kumar Saxena and Vimal Kishore Verma.

Ajay Srivastava returns to parent cadre

Ajay Srivastava, Financial Adviser and CAO, Oil Industry Development Board, has returned to parent cadre and has been posted as Economic Adviser in the Department of Commerce. He is a 1996 batch IES officer.

Ms Ranajan Raturi Kale appointed Senior Economic Advisor, Telecommunications

Ms Ranjana Raturi Kale has been appointed as Senior Economic Adviser in the Department of Telecommunications. She is a 1983 batch IES officer.

Ms Godhuli Mukherjee appointed Economic Adviser, Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Ms Godhuli Mukherjee has been appointed as Economic Adviser in the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals. She is a 1986 batch IES officer.

No regular CGI in Melbourne for almost a year now

No regular Consul General appointed in the Consulate of India in Melbourne for almost a year now. Rakesh Malhotra continues as Acting Consul General.

Kanpur free from ill effects of pollution after 128 years

The government has freed Kanpur from the ill effects of Sisamau drain after 128 years, which was infamous for the pollution causing to River Ganga, 140 MLD of waste water has been stopped from flowing into River Ganga.  The work on Clean Ganga Mission is going on war footing and the hard work of all stakeholders has started to show visible results on ground.    

NMCG now focusing on tributaries of Ganga

National Mission for Clean Ganga is now focusing on cleaning the tributaries of River Ganga in a big way. NMCG approved projects worth Rs. 841. crore on Ganga tributaries in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal . With this, the sanctioned cost of all sewerage projects on tributaries has gone up to Rs.5735 crore. 26 projects are being taken up on tributaries like Yamuna, Saryu, Ram Ganga, Gomti, Kali, Kosi, Gandak, Damodar, Rispana-Bindal etc.

Tenure of Pashupati Nath Pandey as Technical Officer in WCO extended

The tenure of Pashupati Nath Pandey as Technical Officer in the World Customs Organization (WCO) has been extended for a period of one year beyond December 4, 2018. He is a 1994 batch IRS-C&CE officer.

Karnataka to get eight IAS officers

Altogether, eight IAS officers of 2017 batch has been given Karnataka cadre. They are-Neha Jain, Badole Girish Dilip, Aakriti Bansal, Digvijay Govind Bodke, Ishwar Kumar Kandoo, Garima Panwar, Gopal Krishna B and Sukesh Kumar,

Gujarat allocated nine IAS officers

GoI has allocated nine IAS officers of 2017 batch to Gujarat cadre. They are- Shivani Goyal, Ankit Pannu, Utsav Gautam, Aparna Gupta, Mamtaben Hareshkumar Popat, Pushp Lata, Akshay Budania, Hasrat Jasmine and Snehal Purushottam Bhapkar.

Kailash Dan Ratnoo relieved to join as Director, DoPT

Kailash Dan Ratnoo has been relieved to join as Director in Personnel and Training (DoPT), Delhi. He is an IRS-IT officer.

Rajeev Arora is new Chief Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhawan

Rajeev Arora has been appointed as Chief Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi. He is a 1987 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Major reshuffle of IAS officers in Haryana

As many as 19 IAS officers have been transferred and posted to different places in Haryana. Accordingly, Varinder Singh Kundu has been appointed as ACS, Printing & Stationery, while Pranab Kishore Das was made ACS, School Education and Dheera Khandelwal is aCS, Art and Cultural Affairs, Archives, Archaeology & Museums. Similarly, Devender Singh has been appointed as ACS, Civil Aviation, Industries & Commerce, Skill Development & Industrial Training; Trilok Chand Gupta as ACS, Power, Employment, Works related to CM; Amit Jha as ACS, Science & Technology; Rajeev Arora as Chief Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi; Anand Mohan Sharan as Principal Secretary, Public Health Engineering; Vineet Garg as MD, Haryana Power Generation Corporation Ltd & Commissioner, Karnal Division; D Suresh as Chief Administrator, Haryana Shaheri Vikas Pradhikaran; Niting Kumar Yadav as Inquiry Officer Vigilance; Pankaj Yadav as Commissioner, Rohtak Division and Hisar; Mohammed Shayin as Commissioner, Gurugram division; Jagdeep Singh as Special Secretary, Finance; J Ganesan as Chief Administrator, State Agriculture Marketing Board; Atul Kumar as Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Faridabad; Rajiv Rattan as Special Secretary & Commissioner, Gurudwara Elections & Director Science & Technology and Anish Yadav was made Additional Excise & Taxation Commissioner

Anil Kumar posted as Principal Consultant (Health), Northern Railway

Anil Kumar has been posted as Principal Consultant (Health), Northern Railway. He is a Railway officer.

Last date for Chairman, DPT, Kandla extended

The Government of India has extended the last date for applying for Joint Secretary level post as Chairman in Deendayal Port Trust (DPT), Kandla, Gujarat upto Dec 28, 2018.

Shailendra Kumar is new CEO J& K (UPDATED)

Shailendra Kumar has been appointed   new Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Jammu and Kashmir. He is 1995 batch IAS officer.


Sanghvi appointed ED of Sanghvi Movers

Sanghvi Movers Limited has appointed Rishi C Sanghvi as Executive Director of the company.

Arora appointed CFO of Spice Mobility

Spice Mobility Limited has appointed Rajneesh Arora as Chief Financial Officer of the company .

Ms Suruchi appointed CS of Parenteral Drugs (India) Ltd

Parenteral Drugs (India) Limited has appointed Ms Suruchi Maheshwari as Company Secretary of the company.

Ms Singhania appointed CS of Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics (India) Ltd

Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics (India) Ltd has appointed Ms Ruchira Singhania as Company Secretary of the company. 


Corrective measures to improve health system required


A circular was issued by M/o Health on 15th January, 2018, regarding simplification of referral system under CGHS, wherein in para 1(i) it has been mentioned that after consultation at recognised private hospitals beneficiary shall report back to concerned wellness centre where Mo/CMO would endorse listed investigations and issue medicines. Meaning thereby first one has to go to wellness centre, get referral slip and then go to Hospital, make payment, consult the doctor, after consultation comes back to wellness centre get investigations endorsed, then again go back to hospital for for investigation, and normally every patient is required to go for fasting and PP blood sample and other tests, which requires 2 hourly difference between Fasting and PP, then next day go to collect the report and again make payment and consult the doctor. If you have been prescribed medicines, go back to wellness centre, if medicines are available well and good and if not it will be indented and you will be getting next day officially after 12 o clock which is rare. Merely by reading the above one can make out how simplified referral system it is. What is the need for getting endorsement of investigations without which one will not able to get back reimbursement. Govt. officers issuing all these welfare circulars never seem to be availing all these facilities or think they will never retire or will never face these difficulties. It seems there is no application of mind and ultimately resulting in to a cruel system and which harasses its own work force and the bad publicity to the ruling dispensation. I hope Secretary, Health, takes note of all these and corrective measure are taken to improve the system.




Salary slip contains personal information

The estranged wife’s lawyer had applied to seek information about husband’s salary. The purpose of seeking information was claimed to be bonafide as his client is fighting a legal battle against her husband claiming maintenance from him. The Bombay High Court dismissed the prayer of the wife’s lawyer for disclosure of husband’s salary slip using RTI route observing that the salary slips contain such details as deductions made from the salary, remittances made to the Bank by way of loan installments, remittances made to the Income Tax Authority towards part payment of the Income Tax for the concerned month and other details relating to contributions made to Provident Fund etc. Thus, the salary slips contain information of personal nature.


The lawyer had not asked for the gross income which he could have obtained as the same is liable to be provided under the RTI Act. Further, the application was not filed by the wife but by the advocate in his individual capacity.

Citation: Rajesh Ramchandra Kidile v. The Maharashtra State Information Commission and others in Bombay High Court Writ Petition No. 1766 of 2016

Dr. Anuradha Verma (dranuradhaverma@yahoo.co.in) is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/


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