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It is good you have started giving space to other services.

N K Jain


Ms.Pratibha Devi Singh Patil's image gets a boost
Indian President Ms.Pratibha Patil, who has stepped into shoes of Dr.A.P.J.Kalam, is slowly but surely building up her own identity. She is nowadays actively involved with the drive against global warming that has been initiated by Sahara group. She is not only personally meeting organisers but is also giving them directions on different aspects.

PM's modesty

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh's modesty has won him many asccolades.While working as the Governor,Reserve Bank of India(RBI),he had started computerization amidst a stiff resistance from staff.However,those who opposed him then are nowadays singing paens for him.Dr.Man Mohan Singh describes the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as "the hero".

Srivastava appointed Ambassador to Burundi

Niraj Srivastava presently High Commissioner of India to Uganda, has been concurrently accredited as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Burundi with residence in Kampala(Uganda).

Ved Prakash is Director Defence

Ved Prakash has joined the Ministry of Defence as a Director. He is 1987 batch IRAS officer.

Tiwari on compulsory wait

V C Tiwari Joint Secretary in the Ministry of HRD has reportedly been put on compulsory wait. He is 1975 batch CSS officer.

4 Orissa cadre IAS officers to avail MC training

Four senior Orissa Cadre IAS officers will undergo four weeks Mid Career Training in New Delhi in January,2008.They are:Ramesh Chandra Behera(1979 batch),Commissioner cum Secretary, Textiles and Handloom Department Ms.Aneeta Agnihotri(1980 batch),Commisioner Land Records and Settlement Jogendra Patra(1980 batch)& Commissioner Cum-Secretary Labour & Employment Asok Kumar Tripathy(1981 batch).

Srohe is Dy Secretary Women and Child Welfare

O P Srohe has joined the Ministry of Child and Women Welfare in the Government of India as Deputy Secretary . He is 1983 batch CSS officer.

89 vacancies of HC Judges in the country
There are 89 vacancies of Judges in High Courts across the country . Out of a sanctioned strength of 689 Judges in High Courts, 600 Judges have been appointed, leaving 89 vacancies to be filled up.

Mukhtyar Singh to get extension

1974 batch Jharkhand IAS officer Mukhtyar Singh is likely to get three months extension in service.He is due to retire by this month end.

12 new judges for Delhi High Court

Twelve new judges are expected to be appointed in the Delhi High Court soon. With this the number of judges shall go up to 48..

Ms Duggal to move Kanpur

Mrs Amarpreet Duggal DPS designate J&K is posted to. DPS Kanpur, She is 1999 batch Indian Postal Service Officer.She is JAG rank officer.

Kushal goes to Jammu
JAG Kushal Vashisht DPS Chandigarh designate has been shifted to DPS Jammu.He is 1999 batch Indian Postal Service officer.

IRPS postings

Dr. Sakkeer Hussain C T is now posted as SPO(Gaz)/HQ/SECR.
P C Nayak is now Dy.CPO(IR&Welfare)/ECoR/Bhubaneshwar.

New Corporation on cards in AP
A separate Corporation named Andhra Pradesh Road Development Corporation is being set up in Andhra Pradesh.

Vinod Kapdi joins India TV
Vinod Kapdi of the Star News has joined the India TV as Managing Editor.

Sarangi and Subhash Kumar get additional charge in Uttarakhand
Prabhat Kumar Sarangi has been given additional charge of Information and Public Relations.Subhash Kumar will also look after Personnel.

BSF to recruit woman officers
BSF has decided to recruit women as officers and constables from next year.

New VC of NBU
Arunava Basu Majumdar , a senior professor has been appointed Vice Chancellor of the North Bengal University.


PMs remark

Apropos the whisper "PM's remarks on BJP raises eye-brows", (WIC 14 Dec. 07), the Gujrat election seems to have hit the lowest levels possible in any electioneering. Sardar Manmohan Singh's remarks - though by no standards compatible with the his own stature - may still be considered light hearted banter the remarks by some other 'stalwarts' (?) certainly leave a bad taste in mouth.... What with 'maut ke saudagar', 'be-imaan' and all that stuff. Our political culture stands badly in need of some refinement so that at least the barest minimum standards of decency are not found wanting. It will be in the politicians' own interest to sit together, introspect and decide upon minimum standards of decency and decorum to be maintained at least in their public posturings. If they don't, they will lose whatever little respect the masses have for them and that obviously could be a dangerous situation for the future of democracy in the country.

N N Ojha

About tail-piece

A Standing Ovation to you for this excellent tail piece

A Murlidharan

Abot tail-piece
Excellent story Colonel! Left an impact.

Rajeev Singh

Tail-piece- a great piece.

A great piece of awakening from the illusions of worlldly existence.


Lovely story

its a lovely story thanks for publishing it

Ravi Prakash

Aaj Ki Aawaz

Sonia ji please let us know what would have Congress's response been to the hijack??
I think you should let us know this before you give BJP flack!!!

Congress would have done the same and then on BJP it would have put the blame!!!!
Because whenever it's in a corner Congress has to shout 'BJP shame shame'!!!!

And in its appeasing mode PM would have been ordered 'hijackers ko karro clean chit'!!!
And would have been ordered 'BJP ko karro hit'!!!

When it comes to take on anti India Muslims Congress guts karti hai lack!!!
So Sonia Ben on the hijack please take your allegations back!!

Madam Ji BJP hahi hai boukhlaayi!!!
Actually its Congress joh hai dugg-magayi (tottering)!!!

Shaken by Modi's talk on development Sonia brought up hate!!!
And then lost the hate debate!!!

Laloo is taking potshots at Modi from Dilli,
Says he's not going to Gujarat because 'Gujarat compared to Dilli' is too chilly!!!

Actually he gauged the postion and does not want to stick his neck out!!!
So just goes through the motions by sometimes letting out from Dilli an anti Modi shout!!

The 24x7 Channels are trying their best to make it look that BJP's on its way out!!!!
A Congress win they tout!!!!

These Alices in Wonderland forget Modi's got Gujarat 's pulse in his hand!!!
And Congress ka bajaye gi BJP band.

These Alices in Wonderland should realize that their audience is the middle class,
And Gujarati middle class nahi dalti Congress ko ghaas!!!

Public is now sympathizing with Modi seeing this anti Modi gang up and Modi gunning!!!
Now in Modi's favor this gang up and gunning is running!!!

And Sonia's going to rue her Merchant of Death statement!!!!
Totally against her and Congress this statement went!!!

By the way now she's even run out allegations!!!
And now time has run out for any more creations!!

Like saying that Modi is corrupt or dishonest!!!!
One of the reasons for the rebellion against Modi is because he's honest!!

In HP Dhumal is doing dhamaal!!!
In HP BJP is going to do kamaal!!!

Himachalis are voting for a change in Sarkaar!!!
So this means Congress ki haar!!

Xmas is coming and Sonia's going to be loaded with goodies galore!!!
But some gifts are being sent to make her feel sore!!

Khadi sari and matching jhola…. for Sonia Teesta Setelvaad's Xmas tofaa!!!!
And Jairam Ramesh is gifting her matching upholstery for her favorite sofa!!

Laloo is gifting her Laloo brand Candy and a Laloo doll or a gudha!!!!
She's going to get a tape of Sonia Bhajans sung by himself as a gift from Hooda!!!

Renuka Chowdhury is gifting Sonia a photo of herself crying on Sonia's tyaag!!!
Amrinder whose goose is getting cooked is gifting her freshly cooked sarson ka saag!!

Karuna is gifting her goggles of the darkest kind!!!
He'll attach a note…. Very handy these goggles you'll find!!!

Pawar is gifting her a painting of the three monkeys!!!
If she understands what he's hinting the three monkeys will look like three donkeys!!!

Karat on behalf of Commies is gifting her bitter Sandesh,
Note with the gift will say…. Hope you've got the sandesh???

Mayawathi is gifting Sonia the chocolates she had presented her in 2004!!!
She'd kept these in her store!!!

The note with the chocolates will say…. Chocolates are a gift for a gori!!!
You don't gift chocolates to a Desi chhori (girl)!!!

Natwar is going to gift her the unedited 'oil for food' book inscribed 'boo'!!!
And hope that after Sonia reads it she'll run to the loo!!!

Modi is going to send Sonia tapes of her speeches in Gujarat !!!
With a thank you card… Abh Sonia Ben please see these tapes dinn aur raat!!!

Advani is going to gift Sonia a bouquet of Kamals with a note,
From the PM in waiting to the one who controls present PM with a remote!!!

Confucius too is sending Sonia a piece of advice as a Xmas gift,
Before you point fingers at others your Party's and Family's past please do sift!!!

Bharat Kumar


CCL,NCL and SECL to have new CMDs

CCL,NCL and SECL will soon have new CMDs.Shortlisting is going on.

Sharma appointed Director
Sandeep Sharma has been appointed director and head of Barclays Wealth South Asia.

Pathan takes over
M.A. Pathan has taken over as regional director, south and south-east Asia, Global Union Energy Ventures.

Gandhi shifted to Delhi
Regional Manager RBI in Hyderabad R Gandhi has been shifted to Delhi.

Subramanian goes to Tirupati
DGM SBI in Vijaywada K S Subramanian has been transferred to Tirupati Module.

XIMB New Director

Xavier's Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) appointed Fr.P.T.Joseph as it's new Director.

Rajiv Jyoti is chief of CII's Railways division

Rajiv Jyoti, Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation India Ltd. has been appointed Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) Railways Equipment Division.

Sunil Dutt to Head,Samsung's mobile wing

Sunil Dutt has joined as the Country Head for Samsung's mobile business in India.Hitherto,he was with Nokia India as Director(sales).

9.9 Mediaworx to over Jasubhai media
As the grapevine has it Pramat Sinha led "9.9 Mediaworx"is poised to acquire Jasubhai Digital Media.It may be recalled that Sinha is former Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Ananda Bazar Patrika(ABP) group.

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