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Koshy Koshy to be DG Civil Defence
Koshy Koshy is being tipped to be new DG of the Civil Defence in the Government of India. He is 1973 batch IPS officer of Haryana cadre.

Bhatia is new ADG CISF
Ranjit Kumar Bhatia will be new ADG of the CISF. He is 1974 batch IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre.
( We said this on June 7 )

Sharma is ahead again
Dineshwar Sharma is again ahead in the race for the Germany Posting. He is 1979 batch IPS officer of Kerala cadre.

Vishwa Ranjan to take over as DGP of Chhattisgarh
Finally Vishwa Ranjan is taking over as new DGP of Chhattisgarh.1973 batch IPS officer, Ranjan, has been in the Intelligence Bureau for the last 25 years.

Dr Chanda gets two year extension
Chairman of the Kolkata Port Trust A K Chanda has been granted two years extension in tenure. He is 1976 batch IAS officer of West Bengal cadre.

Middle path by K.M.Chandrasekkhar

The new Cabinet Secretary K.M.Chandrasekhar seems to be following the middle path i.e. "neither too fast, nor slow." This is evident from the fact that unlike his predecessors he reaches office by 9 am daily. His immediate predecessor B.K.Chaturvedi never reached the office before 10 am. On the other hand Kamal Pande from whom Chaturvedi had taken over used to reach the office by 8 a.m.

Will Mukul Joshi be relieved by Punjab Government ?
Will Mukul Joshi be relieved for central deputation by the Punjab Government ?.The new Government is aware of Joshi's closeness with former Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh. Picture will be cleared in a month or two.

This is Rajasthan where CR,s are spoiled

To what extent is the CR of IAS officials in Vasundhara Raje Scindia's Rajasthan is spoiled can be gauged from the fact that the officials of the state have not been empanelled in the GoI. Also, there are only 11 IAS officials from Rajasthan in the GoI as against the sanctioned deputation quota of 45.

IT Commissioners transfer list delayed
Transfer list of the Income-Tax Commissioners has been delayed.Now it is likely to be issued either this month end or in the first week of July.

Row over colour vehicles between MCGM & Army

A row between Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and the Indian Army over colour of vehicles being used for disposal of solid waste in Mumbai has cropped up. Work of disposing off the waste has been outsourced to a private agency which is using olive colour painted vehicles. Objection of the Army is that since Army vehicles are of this colour so there was every possibility of vehicles meant for transporting solid waste could be used by anti social elements or terrorists for intruding into defence establishments.

Manoj Joshi to quit Hindustan Times
The Hindustan Times Editor, Strategic Defence, Manoj Joshi is reportedly quitting to join English Daily being launched by the Hindustan Times Group.

Panta to be Ombudsman IT
D P Panta is being tipped to be Income-Tax Ombudsman at Ahemdabad. He is 1971 batch IRS officer.

10 new vacancies in CAT
About one dozen new vacancies of the Member of CAT have arisen for the next year.

IPS changes in Uttar Pradesh
There is IPS reshuffle in Uttar Pradesh. New postings are :-Mssrs Ajay Anand SSP Mujaffarnagar,Rajiv Sabharwal SP SCRB,Amitabh Thakur SP Vigilance,Sugreev Giri SP Pilibhit,S R S Aditya SP Bijnore,Ashok Kumar Singh II SP Mainpuri,Karndhar SP Kushinagar and V S Meena SP EOW .

DDA Commissioner's post vacant

The post of Commissioner ( Land Management) in Delhi Development Authority(DDA)has been lying vacant for over two months now. This was earlier held by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Vats until he was appointed as Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor in the Urban Development Ministry.

Justice Walia is acting CJ of Rajasthan
Justice Rajesh Walia has been sworn in as Acting Chief Justice of Rajasthan.

IPS changes in Haryana
A S Chawla will now be SP Karnal.C S Rao has been appointed DCP Gudgaon.Shri Kant Jadhav has been made SP Hissar.

Ghosh to go to Mombasa
Second Secretary in Damascus A K Ghosh is moving to Mombasa in place of J S Variaah. Variaah will go to Hongkong.

Nanda is new Director Tourism Orissa
R N Nanda an Orissa Administrative Service Officer has been appointed new Director Tourism in Orissa.

Balaji is Chief of SIT in UP

S Balaji has been appointed ADG Special Investigation Team (SIT) in UP. He is 1977 batch IPS officer.

CBI's country wide raids

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has conducted raids across the country on several Income Tax (IT) officers last week. These raids were conducted at the behest of diamond merchants.However; these raids reportedly did not yield anything from some of the IT officers.

Indian President's intervention sought

Indian nuclear scientists have written to Indian President Dr.A.P.J.Kalam seeking his intervention in the proposed 123 Agreement. They have understandably urged Dr.Kalam to impress upon the Government of India (GOI) not to sign the said pact without the US House & Senate making substantial changes to draft that was passed by the US Congress in December 2006.

Turnaround by the US on Gen.Musharraf

The US has made a turnaround on its recently stated position aboutt Pakistan's Military ruler General Pervez Musharraf .The US has now said that the General could continue to wear his uniform, but he should hold General elections in Pakistan by the end of 2007.Earlier, the General was advised by the US not to wear his uniform.

Innovative habitat scheme by Bhopal civic body

A very unique & innovative scheme for slum dwellers of Bhopal has been started Bhopal Municipal Corporation(BMC) of which Mayor is Sunil Sood .Under the scheme which is being carried out as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) is witnessing community participation in Madhya Pradesh's capital city of Bhopal. According BMC Commissioner Manish Singh slum dwellers are being given free of cost newly constructed houses. Explaining the concept Singh said that slum dwellers are shifted from their existing land so that pucca houses could be built. Construction is being under their supervision, said Manish Singh adding other facilities like a community hall, a school proper sanitation besides a hospital will also be provided to inhabitants. Initially over 2200 houses with a room, kitchen, lat bath & a balcony are being constructed, informed Manish Singh.The JNNURM was launched in Bhopal by Congress chief Mrs.Sonia Gandhi on July 3,2006.


Why people leave army ?

While Karthikeya is entitled to his view point, greed (hunger for money) can hardly be the motivation for professionals to leave the Army. Perks, hardly any in actual substance, are more for supporting officers in their tasks, since they are 99% deployed in remote areas.

One of the major reasons for Karthikeya's (and perhaps many others like him) skewed perception of the military is, and has been, the non-accessibility of military stations to the general public and what they see in peace stations - only one tenure in four happens to be in a peace station for most units!!! The public therefore only sees peripheral activities, that of a very miniscule portion of the Army, and forms its opinion - they do not see the toughness or the hardship that Army officers, JCOs and men face in general - a posting move every two years, living in non-family stations (separation for children), lack of continuous education, 24x7 deployment, hardship & danger (including very strong challenges in Counter Insurgency) are just a few of the issues that may have escaped Karthikeya. Compare these with the stability of life in the civil.

I would recommend him to contact some Army friend of his, and visit J&K, the East, Kargil, or other areas where 90% of the Army is, to see life as it actually is. The fault in not sensitising the public of the difficult life of the Army is ours, and not that of the public; if their perceptions are awry their reasons are valid.

Army soldiers stand deployed as of this moment in temperature ranges of +50 degrees Centigrade (in Rajasthan) to -25 degrees Centigrade in Siachen - this beats the hardships faced by any Army in the world.

Maj Gen KS Sindhu, VSM (Retd )
All about defence officers

I think nobody can grudge anything to defence officers. Their perks (which are quite commonplace nowadays in government, public and private sectors) and pay are no better than anyone else, their promotions are slower, the parity with the civil service is shameful, weeding out at young ages takes a toll, the working conditions that they endure, be it desert heat or glacial environs, or dense forests, all under hostile fire, often away from their families and loved ones; and above all, the call to duty that they answer with their lives, all these factors can not be lost sight of. Why is it that nobody is staging dharnas and morchas for reservations in the army? It kills, that is why.

Major Rajendra Singh

Private sector people are great motivators

It was reported-Civil servants are lobbying that their pay and perks must match what is available in the private sector. Those critical of the Civil Servants are scoffing at this preposterous demand. Those in IAS,IPS and other Central Services continue to live with the pre-independence mindset, always disdainful and condescending towards their junior collegues from subordinate services. Those in the private sector are just the reverse. They are great motivators ,inspiring team leaders and communicators par excellence says a wag, the bigwigs must first change their working ways before they ask for the moon that shines over the private sector.

If the salaries of Civil Servants are kept low then quality of intake will suffer as well as problems of retention of good staff will be more severe. Every problem can not be solved by reserving posts for selected or privileged few.

P Kumar

IRS should learn to say "NO"

It seems reporting to junior officers of IAS and IFS is in blood of IRS officers. Even chairman of CBDT, a 70 batch officers of IRS is reporting to 1973 batch IAS officers. For self respect, IRS has to learn to say NO for reporting to junior officers of other services and should not fight among themselves for reporting to a junior officers of other services.

S Kumar

No service is good or bad

I fully agree with the views expressed by Samir Chaturvedi that no service is good or bad. These are the individuals/incumbents who man the service and those who run the show. What we need is performance oriented civil service, uniformity in pay scales (lesser No of pay scales) in whole of India. Time has come IAS domination and corruption must go from India. Professionalization and specialization in service must be inducted. Security of job must go. Those who deliver may stay others may go. A hire and fire policy as in America. Permanency in the Government job must go. Time scale for those who really deliver, others must quit. As of today more you are corrupt, more you are close to politicians and more you prosper.

Harish Kumar Satija

Yes Government officials deserve a pay raise

Well Government officials deserve a pay raise.. What people are forgetting is that the nation is losing out the best to priavte sector as the the top minds are lured by fat pays. All of us have a duty towards the nation and if fatter pay ensures better governance, we shouldn't be opposed to it.


Pak army has a country

The Pak Army controls the country whether the Government is run by politicians or Army Generals. It is said that other countries have armies whereas Pak army has a country.

Suresh Mandan

This kind of debate should be stopped

The IAS will always remain what it is for a long time in this country Whether all these people like it or not! As recommended by several others; this senseless, unproductive and nauseating debate should now be stopped immediately.

Manish Chandraa

Aaj Ki Aawaz

It's no longer Royal Family of Patiala,
Is it Royal Family of Hawala ?!!!

And Nutwar, wifey and son too are alleged to be involved in Havala,
As you know through his wife he's related to House of Patiala!!!

Amrinder would be hoping that pen drive would end like the Jain Hawala case,
Hoping that same end it'll face!!!

But what if Agencies are able to find the Swiss accounts????
Into which were deposited the Hawala amounts????

Amrinder is cooling his heels abroad,
And its alleged he's there with his broad (slang for girlfriend)!!!

His son Tikku has developed an allergy to the sun!!!
Out of sight is the mission nowadays of Amrinder's son!!!

Seems Amrinder felt he was above the law and was very careless,
Did not think of what would happen when he would be chair-less!!!

Before coming to power Amrinder was selling family jewels….and now???
He's got money to live in London for months……. how?????

How will Punjab's FM raise 1500 crores…can't by raising taxes on bolts and nuts???
Hasn't he heard of money saved is money earned…. apply expenditure cuts!!!

He should use every FM's favourite…… tax vice!!!
In most Budgets booze , cigarette and paan masala prices rise!!!

How about levying an annual one time clean up charge on manufacturers of the above???
Down the throats of the manufacturers this tax Punjab Sarkaar should shove!!!

Now there's a new discussion on how will Pratibha Patil be addressed if she makes it!!!
At present this is being done with some seriousness and a lot of wit!!

Why not address her as President Tai,
Or more appropriately as Rashtrratai!!!

But this is for sure she's not the first choice……. must be the seventh!!!
Though some would argue and say she's the eleventh!!

And she says she's no rubber stamp…… which is incorrect!!
Rubber Stamp was the mandatory requirement if I'm correct!!!

Like take Pranab Da,
His resume has a question mark on being a rubber stamp and so Sonia said 'na'!!!

Pranab himself was not too happy to take on this post,
He likes his trouble shooter for Sonia post the most!!!

But how can the Congress's trouble shooter be untrustworthy????
Because trouble shooter should be abs trustworthy!!!

Unquestioned loyalty to Sonia and Congress was mandatory,
This was from the start abs obligatory!!

Now will Shivraj get a double whammy and be shifted out of his present charge???
And like NDA made Mamtha be made Minister at Large????

Or because he's so good at protocol made Minister Protocol,
And when any foreign Dignitary comes Patil will pay him or her a call!!

What do they plan to do about Pawar….. he's been a total flop???
And after being a flop at BCCI he's trying to reach ICC's top!!!

Why don't they carve out a special Ministry for Cricket and make Pawar its head??
Rather than letting him finish India's agriculture let him finish Indian cricket instead!!

In times to come Pawar will stab Congress in the back!!!
NCP will then mean Non Congress Pack!!!

'Man or woman I'll not support Congress's candidate' says Jaya,
Jaya says that just because UPA's candidate is a woman she'll not show daya!!!

Amar Singh drove to 7 Race Course in his Lexus wearing his best attire!!!
Came out breathing fire and saying consequences for Congress will be dire!!!

Third Front as of now is totally at sea……drifting!!!
They want to put up their candidate…. resumes they are sifting!!!

The way Congressmen are exiting Congress in Haryana shows Congress's state!!!
That come next election Congress is not going to be in power in Haryana State!!

And the past record shows that Parties in Haryana do not return to rule!!!
For at least five years heels every Party has to cool!!!

As Sehwag and Bhajji cool their heels they'll be raking in money!!!!
This A B ad C grades sure sound funny!!

Why should those not playing get paid???
This waste of money by BCCI should be stayed !!!

Nowadays Big B puts six spoons of sugar and still feel Cheeni is kum!!!!
Cheeni mein nahi raha woh dumm!!!

Bharat Kumar


Modern day Apartheid in Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal cabinet has cleared the detailed Project Report of the Himalayan Ski Village , a company promoted by Alfred Ford, grandson of Henry Ford. The company proposes to develop Swiss chalets and villas in Manali for sale to foreigners. When will the Himachal Government allow Indians from other states to buy property in the state? Or is this special privilege only for foreigners?

A rat of corporates to capture oil sector
A rat race seems to have begun among corporate giants to clinch the oil sector This is explicit from reports that Mukesh Ambani's Reliance group, Shashi Rui'a Essar & a subsidiary of the Tata Power owned by Ratan Tata ,have aggressively started looking at oilfields .They are concentrating for investments in Council of Independent states(CIS) countries i.e. undivided Russia. This will give a serious competition to OVL,GAIL & Mittal Energy Ltd(MEL).

Naveid I. Khan joins Spice Telecom

Naveid I.Khan has joined the Spice Telecom & Cellebrum as Global Director .Hitherto he was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Airtel.

23 CCL officers transferred

23 CCL officers have been transferred last week.

Somani appointed Country Manager
Rafiq Somani has been appointed Country Manager of Product Development Company (PTC).

Raveendran is Zonal Manager CBI in Chandigarh
P V Raveendran has joined as Zonal Manager of Central Bank of India, Chandigarh Zone.

Adlakha is CFO StanChart India
Anurag Adlakha has been appointed CFO India Operation of the Standard Charterd.

Agrawal moves to Singapore
Sanjiv Agrawal CFO India operations of the Standard Charterd has moved to Singapore operations.

Rao elected President

Atluri Subba Rao has been elected President of the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce Industry.

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