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I am very impressed with your website-whispersinthecorridors.

Appointment of Governors next week ?
New appointments and reshuffle of the Governors is expected to take place next week.
About 4000 army officers quit job ?
About four thousand army officers have quit the job during the past five years.
Toor appointed Ambassador
Azad Singh Toor presently Ambassador of India to Madagascar, has been concurrently accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Union of Comoros with residence in Antananarivo.
Where is Capt Satish Sharma ?
Congress circles are keen to know whereabouts of former Union Minister Captain Satish Sharma. He is seen nowhere these days.
IPS reshuffle in Orissa soon
A major IPS reshuffle is expected to take place in Orissa soon.
IRAS officer seeks VRS
IRAS officer Sanjeev Shivesh has taken VRS.
Helicopter and money alone will not help win elections
Helicopter and money alone will not help win elections. Only work at ground level and people to people contact would yield results in the days to come,. Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has reportedly got the feedback.
IFS officer is JS in Sikkim
Indian Fiorests Service Officer Birendra Swaroop has been posted as Joint Secretary, Science & Technology Department, Gangtok.
Railway postings
P K Tiwari, SG/IRSME, South Eastern Railway has been transferred to Northeast Frontier Railway in the same capacity. S B Patel, SS/IRSME, South East Central Railway has been moved to North Central Railway. Bahuguna has been shifted Northern Railway. R K Sangar, Selection Grade/IRSME/DMW has been appointed to officiate in SA Grade on DMW itself in the cadre. R B Srivastava, SA Grade/IRSME, presently working as ED/Research/RDSO has been transferred to CLW and posted in the cadre. Sita Ram, SA Grade/IRSME/CLW has been shifted to NE Railway and posted in the cadre. M K Agarwal, SAG/IRSME, N.E. Railway has been transferred to RDSO and posted as Executive Director/Research, RDSO vice R B Srivastava transferred. A K Singh, SAG/IRSME/North Central Railway has been transferred to Southern Railway in the same capacity and posted in cadre.
IRAS officer goes to Chennai Metro Rail Corporation
S Krishnamurthy, an IRAS officer who is presently posted in Southern Railway, has been moved to Chennai Metro Rail Corporation.
IDAS changes
A K Kadyan is going on deputation to Institute of Defence Studies,New Delhi. Other changes are V V Rao Hyderabad to Kolkata, J N Das Kolkata to Kolkata, Ms Saswati Bandyopadhyay Delhi to Delhi and R K Nayak Kolkata to Delhi.
Postings for IRS(Customs & Excise)officers of 2006 batch
As many as 54 probationers of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) (Customs & Central Excise) of Group "A" have been posted as Assistant Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise) as stated against their names: Manoj Kumar-Cus-Mumbai-I, Gautam Wahi-Cus-Mumbai-I, Abhinav Pancholi-CX-Meerut, Akshay Joshi-CX-Ahmedabad, Yogesh Sharma-Cus-Mumbai-I, Ms. Pritee Chaudhary-CX-Lucknow, Ms. Priya Goel-CX-Hyderabad, Bhim Singh-Cus Mumbai-I, Ms. P. Vinitha Sekhar-Cus Mumbai-I, Chetan R.C.-Cus Mumbai I, Ms. Himani Vashisht-CX-Bangalore, Gyan Chand Jain-CX-Mumba-ll, Rahul Rajput-CX-Mumbai-ll, Senthil Nathan S.-CX-Mysore, Kotraswamy M.-CX-Pune, Mohit Agrawal-CX-Mumbai-l, Arvind Kumar-Cus Ahmedabad, Aseem Nanda-CX-Delhi, Dharmjeet Kumar-CX-Vadodara, Dharmendra Pratap Singh-CX-Mumbai-I, Gaurav Singh-CX-Mumbai-I, Narinder Singh-CX-Chandigarh, Alok Kumar-CX-Mumbai-I, Ravi Kiran Edara-Cus-Chennai, Sadhu Narasimha Reddy-CX-Hyderabad, Paramjit-Cus-Mumbai-I, Ms. Deepshikha Arora-CX-Delhi, Akhtar Rashid-CX-Mumbai-l, Gurkaran Singh Bains-CX-Delhi, A, Chandra Sekhar Reddy-Cus-Chennai, Ranjeet Kumar-CX-Mumbai-l, Lokesh Kumar Lilhare-CX-Nagpu, Sidlingappa Teli-CX-Pune, Prabhat Kamal Rameshwaram-CX-Lucknow, Vidya Bhushan-Cus-Ahmedabad, Bharat Prakash-CX-Vadodara, Anshaj Singh-Cus-Ahmedabad, Vishal Pal Singh-Cus-Ahmedabad, Pankaj Kumar-Cus-Ahmedabad, K. Kalimuthu-CX-Chennai, Vishwanath-CX-Bhopal, Sumit Kumar Yadav-CX-Mumbai-I, R.L. Ramesh Ram-CX-Hyderabad, Ms. Soumya C.-CX-Chennai, Ms. Sangeeta Karmakar-CX-Vadodara, Ms. Sujata Priyadarshini-CX-Ahmedabad, Ms. Ezhilmathi K.-CX-Bangalore, Ashok Kumar-CX-Vadodara, Saroj Kumar Behera-CX-Vadodara, Pandurang Kondiram Rauf-CX-Mumbai-l, Ms. K. Padmavathy-CX-Hyderabad, Mahaveer Prasad Meena-CX-Ahmedabad, L. Beimopha-CX-Bangalore, Vikash Kumar Jeph-CX-Meerut.
IAS officers of 2007 batch posted as Assistant Collectors
Altoghether six IAS officers belonging to the Chhattisgarh cadre who belong to the 2007 batch have been posted as Assistant Collectors.They are: S.Basav Raju-Rajnandgaon,Him Shekhar Gupta-Kawardha, Dev Senapati-Bilaspur,Mohammed Kesar Abdul Haque -Kanker,Yeshwant Kumar -Surguja & Ms.Shamim Abidi- Raipur.They are expected to join after June 7,2008.
Justice R.M.Lodha is CJ ,Patna HC
Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha a sitting Judge of the Rajasthan High Court has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Patna High Court with effect from the date he assumes charge of his office.
( We said this on March 19 )
Gupta posted in Bareilly
Indian Postal Service 1989 batch officer Jitendra Gupta has been posted to DPS Bareilly.
Jha joins Sakal Times
Vinay Jha has joined the Delhi Bureau of the Sakal Times.
IPS changes in Delhi
S Nithiyanandam has been promoted as Joint Commissioner in charge of Planning and Implementation.He is 1986 IPS officer. Neeraj Thakur, 1994-batch officer who was transferred from Goa, has been made DCP Special Branch .
Retired IAS in Gauhati University body
Retired bureaucrat D.N. Saikia has been appointed member in the executive council of Gauhati University.
Akhilesh Das joins BSP (UPDATED)
Former Union Minister Akhilesh Das has joined the BSP on Saturday.
( We said this on May 6)
Akhilesh Das is BSP Lok Sabha Candidate from Lucknow (UPDATED)
Former Union Minister Akhilesh Das who joined the BSP on Saturday will be Lok Sabha Candidate of the party from Lucknow.It has been officially announced.
( We said this on May 6 )
What is the significance ? (UPDATED)
Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh made a veiled attack on Congress High Command on Friday and the same day West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya made a direct attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Arjun Singh it may be recalled has termed Bhattacharya as one of the best Chief Minister in the country.


This refers to the whisper, "Pakistan Defence Minister is Chairman of PIA". (WIC 9-5-08).
PIA occupies a special place in the psyche of President Musharraf for it was aboard a PIA flight in 1999 that the General was catapulted to power in Pakistan. While the then PM Nawaz Sharif tried his powerful best to divert the flight carrying his Army Chief General Musharraf the flight controllers of PIA preferred to obey the commands given by the GHQ and the corps commanders at Karachi and Islamabad. Had the PIA bosses been loyal to Nawaz Sharif the current history of Pakistan would have been perilous for Mush. It is in this context that the psychological importance of Chowdhary Ahmad Mukhtar's appointment as chief of PIA has to be understood.
Apart from being the Defence Minister of Pakistan and a loyal PPP man Ahmad Mukhtar is an ardent fan of Musharraf. In an interview with the AAZ TV of Pakistan on 3 April this year Mukhtar had said, "Musharraf has a broader vision and good ties with other countries. Working with Musharraf will be in the better interest of Pakistan and the government could secure international aid and support if it followed the policies laid down by President Musharraf"
As could be expected the Defence Minister's utterances sparked off an angry reaction from Nawaz Sharif and his party men. Khwaza Saad Rafiq, a PML (N) MNA and Pakistan's Minister for youth and cultural affairs said that these could be Ahmad Mukhtar's personal views but as far as PML (N) was concerned, "Pakistan and Musharraf cannot go together". To avoid an open display of their differences the media managers from both PML (N) and PPP side tried to block the Defence Minister's interview from the print media but couldn't succeed perhaps because Mush and Mukhtar had greater influence. Does this indicate the future shape of power equations in Pakistan's ruling circles? Let our security analysts ponder over.
Who says charge is not given to Head Clerk
This is regarding "Why not give charge to Head Clerk in every office ?"..... Who said that the charge is not given to the Head Clerk? It can be modified a little to Chief Clerk for all purposes. Some people may perhaps like to create a large battalion of frustrated faces, hence it is not surprising that many faces may reflect frustration at first as well as last glance. The posts of JS and above no doubt are open for services may be in principle, but no one from general public can accept and believe that there also exist something like non IAS any where at that level. In democracy all power, whatsoever it be, is vested in the people or their elected representatives. It really surprises one when it (power) is either found stolen or made to take refuge on some other ego emitting points. People are well acquainted with the ancient region specific art to prove others fool, incapable, inefficient by using hooks or crooks. Very sharp competition, indeed, made very easy for special people meant for special purposes. Those who learnt all basics from head clerks don't have the courage to give all charges to them but donot feel shy in seeing other prospective equals being slapped by this unrecognised guru.

Aaj Ki Aawaz

Rahul Baba will cent percent be choosing candidates on their winning ability,
As I understand nothing to do with their capability!!!
And Rahul ji when will you realize that Congress is sick and needs ilaaj????
And on my showing you the true picture why do you get so naaraaz!!!
Karnataka itself will show you Congress's true state,
And for this not long you will have to wait!!!
You need to think out of the box or dabaa,
Otherwise pucca hai Congress ko gull honne waala hai dabaa!!!
Too much Federalism is Congress's bane!!!!
By shifting to Federal and State or local mode there's a lot to gain!!!
Without local Satraps at the State level Congress will remain weak,
Mummy se iss baath pe why don't you speak!!!
Gandhis can rule Congress with an iron fist but please do also look at the reducing reach!!!!
Machiavelli yehi karta hai teach!!!
If you don't encourage Leadership at the grassroots Congress will be bereft of Leaders!!!
And all that Congress will have is High Command pleaders!!!
Pleaders can please High Command but elections they cannot win!!!!
And slowly but surely they all are doing Congress in!!
The alcohol and cancer stick lobby is gunning for Ramdoss,
Because of his efforts to warn public about usage of both dono Lobbies are very cross!!!
In the Venugopal matter he's wrong but in public warning matter he's abs right!!!!
And on the fact that he's doing a lot of good please do not loose sight!!!
Politicking should not blur the good someone is doing!!!
And just for politics one should not resort to booing!!!
As Manmohan and gang try to gupp their way through the inflation mess,
Inflation ne accelerator kiya hai press!!!
Now get ready for a Diesel shortage,
And then inflation into double digits will rage!!!
Sonia does not know the abc of economics and Manmohan who knows has failed badly!!!
And our FM PC or Potty (loony) Chiddy has behaved madly!!!!
I say madly because he's on his own trip,
And on reality than man has lost his grip!!!
Inflation is spurting and he terms the rise as marginal or wee bit,
For being India's FM he is not fit!!!
This is a supply fueled problem and it's supply issues that have to be addressed!!!
If you ask me the wrong buttons RBI and FM have pressed!!!!
On the Oil front there is no shortage of Oil,
Its speculation that's making prices of Oil boil!!!!
And a big contributor is the weakening US Dollar,
USA 's spendthrift nature, Iraq and bursting bubbles have got it by the collar!!!
OPEC Members themselves agree the true price is around $ 80 and not a cent more!!!
But speculation karr rahi gore!!!!
Bush's Texan Buddies are laughing to the Bank!!!!
In Texan bhaasha they say ' Pardner's sure pulled a larrupin (finger licking) prank'!!!!
My guess is post Bush this World will be a lot safer, saner and livable,
In short you can say from extremely unstable to stable!!!!
Confucius says….. First The Wimp pushed the World to war and then The Chimp did the same!!!!
Many would like to replace their Bush surname with Shame!!!!
Continues..... It should be George W Shame Senior and Junior!!!
And there's no doubt when it comes to shame Junior has outdone Senior!!!
Bharat Kumar

15 top executives dismissed by PIA
New management of the Pakistan International Airlines has dismissed three Directors and one dozen General Managers from service.
Manoj is CEO of SriLankan Airlines
Manoj Gunawardena has been appointed as the chief executive officer of the SriLankan Airline.
Mathur is Secretary General LIC
Former Chairman of the LIC S.B.Mathur has taken over as Secretary-General, Life Insurance Council'. He replaces Mr S.V.Mony.
Dasari is Director Ashok Leyland
COO of Ashok Leyland Vinod K. Dasari has been appointed as wholetime director.
Viplove Gupte joins Big FM
Big FM has roped in Viplove Gupte as the National Programming Director. Before that he was MY FM's national programming head.
Ms. Rajita Hemwani is VP, Universal Music
Ms. Rajita Hemwani who had quit Big FM in March has now joined Universal Music as Vice President - Content Artiste and Repertoire.
Abhik Barman to join Consulting Editor
Abhik Barman is poised to join Business Channel of Economic Times (ET) as Consulting Editor. Recently he has quit as Senior Editor, NDTV Profit.
V Murugan resigns from Raj TV
V Murugan has reportedly quit Raj TV as Vice-President.
Ms Sudha Sadanand joins NGC
Ms. Sudha Sadanand has reportedly been appointed as Programming Head for NGC Network channels in India - National Geographic Channel and The History Channel.
Raj Narain floats Optima Marketing Solutions,
Raj Narain has floated Optima Marketing Solutions.He was one of the two co-founders of Brand Portrait.

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