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Aaj Ki Aawaz

New Year Resolutions....what the resolutions should be and some thinking aloud!!
Sonia: Congress is loosing its traditional vote bank so Project Woo has to be started. Rahul's Dalit home stays and tribal wooing has all come a cropper...... maybe I should get Priynaka into politics because Congress is going nowhere in Bihar and UP and now AP is out of Congress's grip. And I have to get Rahul married..... hunger strikes seem to work.... should I go on a hunger strike?

Rahul: I'm disillusioned with Indians after the Bihar results! Maybe I should take a sabbatical and go to London.... by the looks of it I'll have to wait till the end on this decade to become PM..... so why not enjoy myself till 2016... I'll return in 2016 and then re-start my political career!!! .

Mohna: This is my final term.... Congress will loose the next General election.... and in 2019 even if I'm living Rahul will be Congress's choice for PM!! So why not I save some face and say no to Madam on issues of corruption... why should I pay the price for Raja, Pawar, Praful, Kamlnath, Kalmadi's corruption? She cannot stop my post retirement perks.... can she????

Pranab Da...... I'll prove how honest I am and I'll get the Finance Ministry to dig up info on all Congressmen and I'll send them notices! From firefighter I'll be fire creator..... feared!!

PC: My USP is my 'out of the box' actions! I'm sitting on a 'treasure' of phone taps..... why don't I finish off a few political careers in the line before me by releasing the tap tapes????

Antony: Despite my being honest I know that huge commissions are made and many in the Ministry are on the take and a pretty packet the Party does make!!! Why not make all the Tenders Public..... after all specs are known Worldwide and there is nothing to hide...... and I do not think it's of importance to our enemies as to what we paid for a purchase!! E compilation and finalization of BEC, E Tendering, E processing and E Ordering in Defence Purchases... film the tests and put the test results in Public Domain ...Defence Industry is a 'open house' so our enemies are aware of our purchases....... but what will Madam say???

Moily: The Judiciary stinks..... reform is badly needed! I'll get Lawyers who are pro reform on my side and start a campaign! For starters I'll demand a probe into allegations against the ex Chief Justice!!! I know Madam ji would not like to anger the Judiciary and Manmohan Ji is under her control... but then I think what is in it for me??? After all I have a Law Firm and someday I'll have to practice Law again.... should I take pangaa withe the crocs in the pond????

Pawar: I think I've been cursed by Indians wilting under the pressure of inflation! I'll divert some of my money into stabilizing food prices! And I'll ensure that it is not a secret that I'm bringing the prices down ......though the money will not be traced to me .... maybe my PM dream will come true????

Kamalnath: In my 15% I'll ensure that I divert 10% to tribal welfare! I'll inform the Party about my charity and excuse myself from parting with 5% for the Party fund! Or why not I give 5% for tribal welfare and keep 10% for myself???? But then why worry.... I'll follow my pal Rajiv's calculation that only 6% reaches ground zero!!! So I will have to part with only 6% of 10% or 5% , whichever way I apportion!!

Praful: Air India is kuch saal ka mehmaan! I think AI should be put up for sale! My only worry is Niira may land up with buying AI!!! I hate her.... she's let everyone know that Goyal and Mallya control me! On second thoughts why don't I bring Niira 'in' ..... Goyal, Mallya and Niira and with me as Aviation Minster we'll rule the skies!!!

Ghadkari: My image is of a Humpty Dumpty....... I think if I reduce weight people will start taking me seriously! I'll join a weight loss programme! Advani is already flexing his tongue to get back into the centre-stage!! And I'm going to release a 'White Paper' on the expenses for my son's marriage!

Advani: I think I'll embark on a Bharat Darshan.... and I'll take Uma, Sadhvi Ritambra and a Bhajan troupe with me! I will woo the Hindu vote!!! I will not keep Ghadkari in the loop! If Yatra is a success he will not be able to take credit and if it is a flop I'll just retire!!! Last shot at my PM dream!!

Prabhu Chawla, Barkah and Vir Singhvi: We'll start our own Media Company! But then our credibility is in the pits.... we are facing 'twitter thrashing'! Vir: I'll concentrate on 'good living' the end this is what I would have used the money I made with my fixed journalism for..... living it up. Barkah: Pronoy cannot kick me out......he and I know why???? So why not live it up till it lasts....... if I'm forced to leave NDTV I'll shift to Filmy Journalism... my past will be a plus in this kind of journalism. Prabhu: I'll join any Media House that takes me. As I've lost face I'll shift into Print Media....Seedhi Baat will not appear in print!!

Aam Aadmi: Election after election we vote the same goons to power! We know that many Media Houses are controlled by Netas but still these Media Houses have high TRPs and readership figures! Sabh kuch seekha humm ne na seekhi hoshiyaari sach hai Duniya waalon ke humm hai anaadi!!

Wish you all a very healthy and happy 2011

Bharat Kumar
Ahmad is new Secretary Border Management
Anwar Ehsan Ahmad is new Secretary Border Management in the Ministry of Home Affairs.He is 1976 batch IAS officer of Manipur-Tripura cadre.

R C Mishra is also DDA Vice Chairman
Additional Secretary Urban Development R C Mishra has been given additional charge of the Vice Chairman of the DDA.He is 1978 batch IAS officer of Manipur-Tripura cadre.

Sudhir Chandra is new CBDT Chairman
Sudhir Chandra has taken over as new CBDT Chairman on Friday.He is 1973 batch IRS officer. He has succeeded S S N Moorthy who retired yesterday.

Retirement age of High Court Judges to be raised
The all-party parliamentary panel looking into the matter ofo increasing the retirement age of Judges is learnt to have concluded that since 'maturity makes a man perfect', the retirement age of high court judges be revised from 62 to 65. It has submitted its report to the government and the bill is expected to be cleared by Parliament in the budget session.

Gujral gets additional charge of NHAI
Brijeshwar Singh did not get further extension and Secretary Road Transport R S Gujral was given additional charge of the Chairman NHAI. Gujral is 1976 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Police Commissionerate system introduced in Rajasthan
Police Commissionerate system has been introduced in Rajasthan from today.1988 batch IPS officer B L Soni will be first Police Commissioner in Jaipur. 1989 batch IPS officer B K Dak has been made Police Commissioner Jodhpur.

Indu Sharma is Director RD
Indu Sharma has joined the Rural Development Ministry as a Director. She is 1990 batch IFS officer of UP cadre.

Srivastava is now CVO RITES
P K Srivastava, presently working as Joint Secretary (Mission) in the Ministry of Urban Development, has been appointed as Chief Vigilance Officer in the Rail India Technical Economic Services (RITES). He is 1988 batch IAS officer of Assam-Meghalaya cadre.

Saikia is new Director Child and Women Welfare
L Saikia has joined as Director Child and Women Welfare. He is 1994 batch IRTS officer.

Dr B Ashok to be VC of Kerala Agri Varsity
Dr B Ashok, (IAS, 1998) PS to Indian Minister of State for Agriculture Prof K V Thomas is joining State cadre (Kerala) as the new Vice-Chancellor of the newly created Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. He is a Veterinarian who joined the IAS while doing his Masters in Biotechnology in IVRI Braeilly. He has a Masters in international Politics from Turin and was previously Deputy director in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) Mussoorie.

Ms. Anuradha Mishra to join NDC course on January 10, 2010
Ms. Anuradha Mishra is going to join NDC course commencing on January 10, 2010. She is an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) -Income Tax, officer of the 1985 batch.

Biswas is now Advisor NMTTRI in Maharashtra
Former CBI Additional Director Dr UN Biswas has been appointed as advisor of the National Mass Transit Training and Research Institute (NaMTTRI) in Maharashtra.He is retired 1968 batch IPS officer.

Capt Surej takes over charge as DG
Capt. A.M. Surej has taken over the charge of the post of Director General of Lighthouses & Lightships, Ministry of Shipping, Sector 24, Noida on Friday.

IES officer Kumar empanelled as JS
1986 batch India Economic Service officer Rajan Kumar has been empanelled in Government of India as JS or equivalent under CSS.

Air Marshal Kumaria to succeed Air Marshal Browne
Air Marshal DC Kumaria will take over as the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Air Command (WAC) on January 1. Kumaria will take over the 'sword arm' Command of the IAF replacing Air Marshal N A K Browne.

Air Marshal N A K Browne is new Vice Chief of Air Staff
Air Marshal N A K Browne will take over as Vice Chief of Indian Air Force on January 1.

(We said this in Oct 22 & Nov 12, 2010)

Major IFS reshuiffle in Tripura
There is a major IFS reshuffle in Tripura.Additional PCCF Dr A K Gupta has been given the charges of 'Eco Tourism'.Incumbent Additional PCCF G S Raju of Planning and Development will now look after the charge of 'Project Formulation Monitoring and Evolution' wing of the Forest .Sanatan Talukdhar will now be Chief Wild Life Warden.

IA&AS officer Ms. Prakash promoted
Ms. Roopal Prakash, Deputy Director (Ad-hoc) in the office of Director General of Audit, Post and Telecommunications, Delhi, has been promoted to the Senior Time Scale and posted as Deputy Director (Report) in the same office.

144 Dy / Asstt Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise
As many as 144 Deputy / Assistant Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise have been transferred. They are Ajoy Banik from Mumbai to Ahmedabad Customs, Harish Chandra from Mumbai to Ahmedabad Customs, M. S. Das from Mumbai to Ahmedabad Customs, N.C. Bhadressa from Rajkot (Ahmedabad CX) to Ahmedabad Customs, Parmar Jeevanlal Chhaganlal from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad Customs, Pattapu Satish from Mumbai to Ahmedabad Customs, Rajesh Tripathi from Chennai to Ahmedabad Customs, M.H. Gehani from Rajkot (Ahmedabad CX) to Ahmedabad CX, Maharaj Singh from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, O.P.N. Singh from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, R.K. Karnik from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, Ram Singh Shekhawat from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, S.B. Deshmukh from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, Subhash Yadav from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, Vaibhav Bajaj from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, Vipin Chopra from Mumbai to Ahmedabad CX, B. Shyam Sunder Rao from Vizag to Bangalore Customs, D. Phani Kumar from Chennai to Bangalore Customs, J.P. Prakash from Mumbai to Bangalore Customs, Krishna Kumar Prasad from Chennai to Bangalore Customs, N.S. Parthasarathi from Chennai to Bangalore Customs, P. Ananthakrishnan from Calicut (DG RI) to Bangalore Customs, P. Gopa Kumar from Chennai to Bangalore CX, S. Rangarao from Chennai to Bangalore CX, S.Devarajan from Chennai to Bangalore CX, Sudipta Ghosh from Chennai to Bangalore CX, J. Harish from Chennai to Bangalore CX, R. B. Deshpande from Nagpur to Bhopal CX, S.N. Mahore from Nagpur to Bhopal CX, L.D. Panda from Bhubaneshwar to Bhubaneshwar CX, R.K. Choudhury from Bhubaneswar to Bhubaneswar CX, Vijay Kumar Nayak from Chennai to Bhubaneswar CX, Gurdev Singh from Mumbai to Chandigarh CX, A. Asokan from Chennai (DG NACEN) to Chennai Customs, G. Srinivasan from Chennai (DG Vigilance) to Chennai Customs, G. Srinivasan from Pondicherry (Chennai CX) to Chennai Customs, M.L. Satya Prasad from Hyderabad to Chennai Customs, P. Rosi Reddy from Hyderabad to Chennai Customs, R. Ravikumar from Chennai (DG CEI) to Chennai Customs, G. Lakshmikantham from Hyderabad to Chennai Customs (P), B. Jaylaxmi from Chennai to Chennai CX, G.J. Prasad from Chennai to Chennai CX, G.L. Narsaiah from Hyderabad to Chennai CX, Ishwar Reddy from Chennai to Chennai CX, N. Sankaranaryanan from Chennai to Chennai CX, Satyan Parmeshwaran from Chennai to Chennai CX, Saroj Kumar Shadangi from Chennai to Chennai CX (Pondicherry), C.K. Suresh Babu from Cochin to Cochin Zone, G. Sasikumar from Cochin to Cochin Zone, Jacob Cherian from Mumbai to Cochin Zone, P.P. Sivadasan from Cochin to Cochin Zone, R. Ramachandran Nair from Cochin to Cochin Zone, R.S. Rose Chandran from Cochin to Cochin Zone, S. Indu from Cochin to Cochin Zone, V.P. Omkumar from Cochin to Cochin Zone, K. Hanumantha Rao from Chennai to Coimbatore Zone, P. Ram Mohan from Chennai to Coimbatore Zone, S. Veermuthu from Chennai to Coimbatore Zone, Gyan Prakash Singh from Delhi to Delhi Customs, Navraj Goyal from CBEC to Delhi Customs, Shaukat Ali from Kolkata to Delhi Customs, V.K. Kapoor from Delhi to Delhi Customs, Subodh Singh from Delhi (Customs) to Delhi Customs (OSD Customs), Raj Kumar Digvijay from Delhi (Customs) to Delhi Customs (OSD TRU), Pran Kishore Tikkoo from Chandigarh (Jammu) to Delhi Customs (P), Dr. Sudesh K. Sheoran from Mumbai to Delhi CX, Jaswant Singh Yadav from Delhi to Delhi CX, Rajesh Kumar Goel from Bhopal to Delhi CX, Rajesh Kumar Jain from Kolkata to Delhi CX, Sanjay Sharma from Delhi (Kolkata CH) to Delhi CX, Suraj Kumar Gupta from Kolkata to Delhi CX ( OSD, Legal Cell), Prashant Kumar Jha from Mumbai to Delhi CX (OSD TRU), B.P. Sharma from Mumbai to Delhi CX (OSD, RA Wing), T. Prabhakar from Chennai to DG NACEN Chennai, Ramanand Tyagi from Kolkata to DG NACEN Faridabad, Ravindra Singh Bhati from Mumbai to DG Systems (RMD) Mumbai, R. Rajsekhar from Chennai to DG Vigilance Chennai, Ashwani Kumar Kapoor from Chandigarh to DG Vigilance Delhi, Samrita Kaur Gill from Mumbai to DG Vigilance Delhi, Vikas Joshi from Mumbai to DGCEI Ahmedabad, Leo John Ilango from Chennai to DGCEI Chennai, Harish Chander Mathur from Delhi to DGCEI Delhi, Manish Kumar from Kolkata to DGCEI Jamshedpur, J. Satish Chandar from Nhava Sheva to DGCEI Mumbai, Chander Pal Singh from Mumbai to DGCEI Pune, Niraj Dubey from Mumbai to DGCEI Raipur, Mohammad Altaf from Mumbai to DGCEI Vadodara, Rohit Anand from Delhi (Kolkata CH) to DGRI Delhi, Rajesh Kumar from Delhi (Kolkata CH) to DPPR Delhi, Kamal Kumar Dutta from Ranchi (Jamshedpur) to Kolkata Customs, R.N. Ghosh from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Customs, Arup Thakurata from Kolkata to Kolkata CX, Debjit Banerjee from Chennai to Kolkata CX, Dipen Biswas from Kolkata to Kolkata CX, M.C. Marandi from Kolkata to Kolkata CX, Pradip K. Bhowmik from Kolkata to Kolkata CX, Sanjay Prasad from Kolkata to Kolkata CX, Subhrajit Banerjee from Kolkata to Kolkata CX, Anil Prasad from Mumbai to Lucknow CX, N.C. Mishra from Mumbai to Lucknow CX, Dharam Pal Sharma from Delhi to Meerut CX, Man Singh from Noida to Meerut CX, S. J. Yona from Mumbai (DG Systems RMD) to Mumbai Customs-I, S.H. Kuvawala from Mumbai to Mumbai Customs-I, Thomas Pavrey from Mumbai to Mumbai Customs-I, A.V. Rajguru from Mumbai to Mumbai Customs-II, H.R. Shaikh from Mumbai to Mumbai Customs-II, M. Madhusudan Reddy from Chennai to Mumbai Customs-III, N.K. Mishra from Bhubaneshwar to Mumbai Customs-III, R.Y. Deshmukh from Mumbai (Pune-I) to Mumbai Customs-III, V.K. Torgalmath from Mumbai (Raigarh) to Mumbai Customs-III, E. Ramesh from Chennai to Mumbai CX-I, K.K. Srivastava from Mumbai (Customs-II) to Mumbai CX-I, V.S. Gaikwad from Mumbai to Mumbai CX-I, B.S. Mangat from Mumbai (Customs-II) to Mumbai CX-II, D.S. Rana from Mumbai (Customs-II) to Mumbai CX-II, H.K. Tantia from Mumbai to Mumbai CX-II, Rajiv Magoo from Mumbai to Mumbai CX-II, Mrs. S.S. Pali from Mumbai to Mumbai CX-II, Aravindra from Bangalore to Mysore Zone, M. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy from Chennai to Mysore Zone, Vishnu Kolwalkar from Goa to Mysore Zone, Prashant Kumar Sinha from Mumbai to Patna Customs (P), Sudhir Sharma from Kolkata to Patna Customs (P), Vivek Kumar Sinha from Kolkata to Patna Customs (P), Sitangshu Karmakar from Kolkata to Patna Customs (P), Mrs.Loretta J.N.S. from Goa to Pune Zone, Mrs.L.E. Fernandes from Goa to Pune Zone (Goa), Devendra Prasad Gupta from Patna to Ranchi CX, Fazulur Rahman from Patna to Ranchi CX, Manoj Kumar from Mumbai to Ranchi CX, S.K. Guha from Thakurtha Ranchi (Jamshedpur) to Ranchi CX, H. Soikhanthang from Mumbai to Shillong Zone, Nilanjan Pal from Kolkata to Shillong Zone, Anuj Bhatnagar from Mumbai to Vadodara Zone, D.N. Shukla from Mumbai to Vadodara Zone, Doley Nigam from Mumbai to Vadodara Zone, Jitendarsingh N. Gohil from Mumbai to Vadodara Zone, Nair Suresh S. Kutty from Mumbai to Vadodara Zone, Promod Singh from Ahmedabad to Vadodara Zone, Rajesh Kothari from Mumbai to Vadodara Zone, V.G. Patil from Bhopal to Vadodara Zone, G. Siva Rama Varma from Hyderabad to Vizag Zone and M. Devarajan from Tirupathi to Vizag Zone.

Three IAS officers in Uttarakhand to be elevated as PS
As many as three IAS officers belonging to the 1986 batch of Uttarakhand cadre will be elevated as principal secretaries (PSs) from January 1,2011. They are: Utpal Kumar Singh, Ranvir Singh and S. Ramasway.

Rao is new Cyberabad Police Commissioner
Ch.D. Tirumala Rao, has assumed charge as the new Cyberabad Police Commissioner.He is 1989 batch IPS officer.

Eight IGs promoted in TamilNadu
Eight inspectors-general of police in TamilNadu have been promoted to the rank of ADG. They are Mssrs MS Jaffar Sait,Sanjeev Kumar, Anoop Jaiswal, Srilakshmi Prasad, Ashutosh Shukla, Mithilesh Kumar Jha ,Tamil Selvan,Ashish Bhengra and K Thukkaiandi .

Two IAS officers in Himachal Pradesh to be elevated as Secretaries
As many as two IAS officers belonging to the 1995 batch of Himachal Pradesh cadre will be elevated as secretaries from January 1,2011. They are: U.N,. Choubey and R.C. Pathak.

Ms. Raj Sandeep promoted as DCF
Ms.Raj Sandeep has been promoted Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) ,Kota by the Rajasthan Government. She is an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer of the 2007 batch who belongs to the Rajasthan cadre.

Three DIGs in Rajasthan transferred
As many as three DIG rank officials have been transferred in Rajasthan. While Sunil Datt has been made DIG Police Armed Batallion -1, Jaipur, Amrit Kalash has been posted as DIG SOG, Jaipur and Hariram Meena is new DIG, Police Training, Jaipur.

Five Police Superintendants transferred in Rajasthan
Altogether five SP rank officials have been transferred in Rajasthan. The new postings are : Kailash Chandra Bishnoi is Deputy Director - RPA, Jaipur, Mrs. Mamta Bishnoi - SP SOG, Jaipur, Dr. Aman Deep Singh Kapoor - SP (Intelligence), Jaipur, Dr. Ravi - SP - Crime Branch (HR & WS), Police Headquarters, Jaipur and Barhat Rahul Manhardan - SP ATS, Jaipur.

Principal Secretaries in Rajasthan get new postings
Om Prakash Meena - Principal Secretary to Government, Animal Husbandary, Fishries and Dairy Development Department, Md, R.C.D.F., Rajasthan, Jaipur, agdish Chandra Mohanty - Principal Secretary to Government, Food, Civil Supply and Consumer Affairs Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Yaduvendra Mathur - Principal Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Sanjay Dixit - Secretary to Government, Command Area Development, Rajsathan, Jaipur and Siyaram Meeema - Principal Secretary to Government, Tribal Area Development Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Major IAS reshuffle in Rajasthan
There has been a najor IAS reshuffle in Rajasthan. Dr. Purshottam Agarwal Commissioner (Investment & N.R.I.s), Bureau Of Investment Promotion & PR. Secy. to Govt., Programme Implimentation, Raj., Jaipur, Mrs. Seema Bahuguna - Member, Rajasthan Civil Services Appellate Tribunal, Jaipur, Deepak Upreti - Commissioner, Transport Department and Ex-Officio Secretary To Government, Transport Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Veenu Guprta - Secretary to Government, Higher Education, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jagdish Prasad Chandelia, Commissioner, Information and Public Relations, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Praveen Gupta - secretary to Government and Commissioner Panchayati Raj, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Bhaskar Atmaram Sawant - Commissioner, Secondary Education and Ex-Officio State Project Director, Rashtriya Madhayamik Shiksha Abhiyan, Bikaner, Kunji Lal Meena - Commissioner Labour Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Karan Singh Rathore - Member, Revenue Board, Ajmer, Rajesh Kumar Yadav - Special Secretary to CM, Rajasthan, Jaipur, SS Bissa - Collector and District Magistrate, Nagore, T Ravikant - Special Secretary to CM, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Omkar Singh - Collector and District Magistrate, Bhilwara, Mrs. Manju Rajpal - Collector and District Magistrate, Ajmer, Ravi Jain - Collector and District Magistrate, Chittorgarh, Dr. Samita Sharma - Deputy Secretary to Government and Mission Director, National Rural Health Mission and Dr. Arushi Ajay Malik - Collector and District Magistrate, Taank.

Six IAS officers in West Bengal elevated as PS
As many as Eight IAS officers belonging to the 1986 batch of West Bengal cadre have been elevated as principal secretaries (PSs) from January 1,2011. They are:Arun kumar Bal Joint Secretary Defence in GOI, Rajiva Sinha on deputation to the UNICEF, R.S. Shukla Joint
Secretary Health in GOI(all three on deputation), Dr.Rakesh Kumar Vats,Saurabh Kumar Das and P. Ramesh Kumar(on deputation to the Chhattisgarh government).

Entire batch of 1995 of IAS officers gets Supertime scale in WB
All IAS officers of the 1995 batch belonging to the West Bengal cadre have been elevated to the Super time scale.

2 IAS officers get Sr.time scale in West Bengal
As many as two IAS officers belonging to the 2007 batch of West Bengal cadre have been elevated to the Senior time scale fom January 1,2011. They are: Rajat Saini and Anurag Shrivastava.


Audit report and CCTV recordings of Bank
The audit reports of a branch of a bank and the action on those audit reports were refused claiming exemption under Section 8(1)(d). The CIC upheld the refusal holding that the Audit Reports of a Branch of a bank contained all information about that Branch, such as its internal functioning, its customers / accountholders, its commercial activities, turnover, etc., which is commercially sensitive. The CIC further ruled that information relating to the recordings of surveillance cameras and videos installed in Bank Branches are held confidentially by the public authority under Section 11(1) of the RTI Act disclosure of which can be detrimental to the interests of the Bank and its security and expose it to serious risks. This disclosure can be authorized only if there is public interest.


It has been pointed out through this column that videography is a part of 'Information' under the RTI Act. Nationalized banks are covered by the definition of "State" in Article 12 of the Constitution of India and the security of a Bank Branch would attract Section 8(1)(a) of the RTI Act. When any public authority holds an information confidentially, disclosure should be authorized only after consultation with that public authority.

- Weekly article by Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Verma (, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore and Co-author of the book: RIGHT TO INFORMATION - LAW AND PRACTICE by Taxmann. (The views are Personal)

Tripathi is new Director KRCL
Rajesh Tripathi has been appointed as Director (Way & Works), Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL).He is 1984 batch IRSE officer.

New Project Director of ADAG Group

Karanam Prakasa Rao has been appointed by Reliance Power as the Chief Project Director of Krishnapatnam Ultra Mega Power Project.Mssrs Palanichami Ramaiah, Srinivasan Ganeshan, G.S.V.V.Prasad, and B.Udaya Shankar will be project directors for KUMPP.

Sonthalia is new President of MCC
Sudesh Sonthalia, Director, Enfield Infrastructure Ltd is new President of Merchants' Chamber of Commerce for 2010-11.

Dudeja appointed VP Mudra North & East
Mudra North & East has appointed Gaurav Dudeja as Vice President. He
re-joins from McCann Erickson, where he had worked as Business Director (
Nescafe and Perfetti).

Mudra appoints three new creative directors
Mudra has appointed three new Associate Creative Directors - Joy Sen
Gupta, Varun Goswami, and Latheesh Lakshman. They will be based out of
the Delhi office.

Chakravorty gets additional responsibilities at Navia and Vector
Kaushik Chakravorty, Group Chief Operating Officer (COO), Navia and Vector, will take overall charge of the outdoor business in addition to his role as Executive Director - Enhance, Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG).

Shah quitting Navia and Vector?
Sanjay Shah, CEO, Navia and Vector is quitting the organisation.

Mehrotra appointed ED, Religare Enterprises
Religare Enterprises has appointed Ravi Mehrotra as Executive Director and member on its board.

Verma resigns as Company Secy. NIIT Technologies
Surender Varma has resigned from the position of Company Secretary of NIIT
Technologies with effect from close of business hours on December 31, 2010.

Das reappointed MD, Petron Engg. Construction
The Board of Petron Engineering Construction Limited has approved the
re-appointment of T.S.Das as Managing Director for a further period of two
years w.e.f. January 11, 2011.

Who are more corrupt ? Politicians, bureaucrats or journalists. Mail your views in short to or

(The views expressed in this column are of the contributors. We do not owe any responsibility, whatsoever, of the views of our surfers as they are their personal opinion. However, we would also request our contributors not to be personal, directly or indirectly, in presenting their views. Instead of countering the views which ‘X’ has already expressed, our contributors are advised to present their own views. Also be brief, say about 200 words at the most since any views longer than that if eliminated at our end would carry the risk of the contrbutor’s item losing its original essence)

It can't be said who is more corrupt. In my opinion they are complementary to each other.

Pradip Kumar Dubey

All the best to WIC

On the closing day of 2010 (A very bad year indeed!)I wish WIC further succees, its chief editor Suresh Mehrotra a very bright and prosperous new year both on the personal and professional front, my fellow browsers a very happy New Year. My resolutions for the New Year are;

1.I am not going to shed tears over the rising onion prices.I shall stop eating them.

2.I am not going to raise my BP over endless scams and corruption.I shall accept them as a way of life in my country.

3.I am not going to fret about the total misgovernance and spoil my old age.I shall believe we are incapable and selfish brood.

4.I will stop hoping for good and honest leaders for we can not find any.So better accept the ones we have.

5.I am going to remove the word'Truth'from my dictionary because Lies are what prevail everywhere.

Well, I have already broken these resolutions before I could finish this piece. How can one change at my age?

Aarti Khosla

Taint in judiciary would ruin the nation

I fully endorse the contents of the letter written by Justice(Retd) Kumar and others. While much discussions have taken place in this forum as to WHO ARE NOT CORRUPT - POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS OR JOURNALISTS?, one fail to note is the role of judiciary .In my opinion, judiciary is the fulcrum of our democracy and a slight taint is going to ruin the nation, much more than what politicians and bureaucrats can do. While there are examinations, interviews and other tests for civil services and defence officers, selection of judges to higher judiciary still is, in reality, in the hands of politicians. The story of a junior suborbinate judge who resigned from the service to practice as a lawyer and with in one year of practice became a high court judge is well known to Keralites. Other more competent lawyers who belong to the SC caste had no chance since they had no political patronage. He went on to become a CJI. Another political appointee who developed the uncanny ability to get away without pronouncing the judgements in half the cases he heard was able to reach SC. One can understand why the earlier CJI was fighting tooth and nail to prevent the assets of SC judges coming in the purview of public domain. Post retirement benefits like Chairmanships of various commissions etc are a carrot used by politicians to get some of them with vacillating integrity on their side. In the selection of higher judiciary public now a days do not trust the SC collegium even. There should be a selection board consisting among others of eminent lawyers, bureaucrats, psychologists and atleast three CJs from High Courts to select Judges. As far as corruption and nepotism charges are concerned, constitution must be amended to form a Commission in the same lines to go into the allegations and take necessary action. It is with disgust that an eminent jurist, like Krishna Iyer had to advocate for the necessity of such a commission.

N Sriram

Public Administration has suffered !

Public administration has suffered brutalities of extraordinary kind in the past 20 years. When civil, police, defence and judicial administration is coming under attack from civil society and also members of these wings of the public administration, there seems too much rotten in the affairs of the state of India (Horatio: my countrymen). In these 20 years, judiciary has suffered no less than other wings. The damage has been done by politicians controlling the source of recruitment. Only an RTI application will reveal the facts about judicial appointments in the past 20 years: whether merit or maneuvering succeeded in wangling such appointments, whether warrants signed by the President were not delivered to the meritorious and cancelled for considerations other than purely official, whether small favours like foreign tours with wives at government expenses were the price paid for rigged judgements, whether corrupt judges flourished because of political patronage at the cost of administration of justice, whether if this Nation is to be saved !!!

M L Gupta

Gift to IT department

A greatest gift to the Income tax department. May God give at least one years tenure to the beloved Chairman.

S Kumar

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