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-Today's Whispers 28th October, 2016 - (Updated At 11:01 AM)
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There was a feeling in Ireland then that strength came from within, and not from outside.





Will Hridayesh be Cong CM face?

Like UP, Congress is likely to declare a woman leader as CM candidate for Uttarakhand also. If it happens then senior leader Indira Hridayesh has bright chance. She has a good experience of administration and politics.



Will Dhane be Cong CM face?

Vijay Pal Singh Dhane's name is also doing the round for the post of the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Though he is said to be not a very popular leader but a consensus could be emerged for his candidature.




J P Rai leaves Adani Group !

Adviser in the Adani Group , J P Rai is reported to have quit. He is former 1983 batch IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre.




Why did Ratan Tata meet LIC Chairman ?

Why did Ratan Tata meet V K Sharma, the acting chairman of LIC ?. LIC is said to be one of the major investors in Tata companies.




Political Doggy ....

Dog tired I reach home and find my Dog Napoleon the Boxer.... my intelligent conversing Dog .... waiting for me.

Napoleon: Boss you say you've done MBA ....can I see your degree !!

Just then my Man Friday Ramu walks in with my Cuppa and says: Boss your Dog's gone mad ... the entire day he's been demanding from whoever he came accross to show him their degrees ...from the Milkman to the Veggie Vendor ...Me ...why even your wife!!!

Me: Oye Mutt have you gone mad!!!

N (literally shouting): It's my right and I will demand what's my right!! I and the entire Nation wants to know ...

M: Why are you screaming??

R: This he's aping from the News Show he views every night ...

N: Boss why are you rude with the neighbours ???

M: Not that it's any of your business ...one is a rude Congi and the other is a litter bug! !

N: Boss you can't do this !!!

R: Sir your Mutt is standing for the Neighborhood Dog Elections ...he wants you to be civil for his electoral prospects ...the neighboring dogs are apolitical and faithful to their Masters..unlike this idiot ...

N: Ramuuuuuuuuu....Boss you know this idiot...... he smokes when he takes me for a walk...

M: Trying to get Ramu in a jam ... arre he doesn't smoke in the house ...I've warned him about dangers of smoking ... what he does outside is his problem!!

N: Please instruct Ramu to leave the Gate open for a few days ...

R: Sir this idiot is trying to show his Voters that his Gates are open for them...this is the same Dog who is ready to tear up any dog 50 feet from the Gate!! Sabh Drama !! Let him get elected neighbors ke dogs ki firr shaamat aaye gi ....I've lost count of how many times he's bitten them...arre he forgets .. we lock up the Gates to protect others from this idiot ..

M: What other electoral promises have been made by my Mutt!!

R: The Grumpiest dog on the block showing he's friendly ... he's promised ......in the Park he will not claim any privileges ... he will be a down to earth Leader!!

M: Ha ha .....the idiot doesn't let anyone enter the Car once he's inside .... he always claims the window seat ... he wants his Meals to be served to him first ...TV ....he wants to view only his Shows...the list goes on and on..

R: In the Park he's the most dictatorial dog.... let any dog pee on his favorite lamp post and all hell breaks lose ..if any dog gets more attention than him he will snarl at the attention giver and the attention target!!

N: Ramu don't forget my bite is worse than my bark ....now see what I do. ..

R: Okay ....Sir I won't be taking this fool for his walks ...let your Wife do this when you and your sons are not at home ...

M: My God that would be torture for the Mutt...the Wifey literally drags him around ..poor fellow never gets to complete his pee pee and poo poo ...

N: Ramu Bhaiya where are your feet ...

Just then on the TV there is News that a Politician has announced that for a State he's willing to prostate himself in front of the Centre.

M: By God ... Ramu humaara Mutt iss Politician se kumm nahi ...election le liye kuch bhi karr saktha hai and apne aap ke liye also !!!

Disclaimer: Satire. Not meant to influence or inform. Information garnered from MSM..SM and Blogs







About 30 IPS officers of 1986 batch to be empanelled ?

About 30 IPS officers belonging to 1986 batch are believed to have been cleared for empanelment to the rank of ADG in the Government of India.





Who will be new CMD of SIDBI ?

Pursuant to the appointment of the present CMD Dr. Kshatrapati Shivaji as Executive Director of Asian Development Bank, the post of CMD in SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank Of India) would fall vacant in a couple of months . Some names are already floating around to take over the reigns in SIDBI. While there are 2 DMDs in SIDBI the senior DMD reportedly does not have the minimum residual years of service to assume CMD's post.





11 IPS officers retiring in October

As many as 13 officers belonging to Indian Police Service (IPS) of various cadres and batches are retiring in October this year. They are: S K Jain of Assam-Meghalaya cadre; Dr Meera Ram Niwas of Gujarat; Shatrujeet Singh Kapoor of Haryana; Dr S Gopal Reddy of Jammu & Kashmir cadre; K K Balachandran of Kerala cadre; P K Runwal of Madhya Pradesh; V R Chavan of Maharashtra cadre; Kh Chandramani Singh of Manipur cadre; S S Bhatti of Punjab cadre; Surender Kumar of Rajasthan cadre; Bijoy Nag of Tripura; Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh Rathore and Dinesh Chandra of Uttar Pradesh cadre.







Then IPS officer won't head CPOs

If MHA continues to pursue its order regarding withdrawal of facilities to retired IPS officers who retired as DGs IPS officers will have second thought to join Central Police Organisation as DG. According to sources DGs of CPOs have been given status of a core commander of a armed forces and accordingly facilities have been ear marked. After retirement his personal life and family would be at risk if security is withdrawn . Whereas state govts take full care of its retired senior officers.







Will Shah be given additional charge of FC?

K B Nanda, Financial Commissioner, Railway Board, is retiring on October 31.Shahshad Shah is likely to be given additional charge of Financial Commssioner in Rail Bhawan. Presently he is Additional FC in RB






A P Srivastava loses to B P Singh in Madhya Pradesh

Finally 1984 batch IAS officer A P Srivastava has lost to his batchmate B P Singh in the race of Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh. Till 6 pm on Wednesday, Srivastava was ahead in the race but late in the evening B P Singh was chosen by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh. It is believed that Srivastava has been assured the post of Chief Secretary after the superannuation of B P Singh on July 1, 2018.







Jeyakrishnan to join as Director (Mktg), HPCL on Nov 1

S Jeyakrishnan, ED, HPCL, will be taking over the charge as Director (Marketing), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), on November 1, 2016.






Tenure of Gathoo as Director (HR), BPCL ending in Nov

The tenure of S P Gathoo as Director, Human Resources, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), is ending on November 2, 2016.







THDC India Ltd to get new Chairman-cum-Managing Director in December

Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC) India Limited will be getting new Chairman-cum-Managing Director in December. Dhirendra Veer Singh, Director (Technical), THDC India Limited, is expected to succeed present incumbent R S T Sai retiring in November this year.






P K Prasad joins as MD, NERAMAC

P K Prasad, Senior GM, NSC, has taken over the charge as Managing Director, North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC).






Why appointment of Chaudhary as CMD, IRCON Ltd delayed?

Why is the appointment of S K Chaudhary, Director (Project), NBCC, as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, IRCON International Limited getting delayed as a vacancy of this post has arisen on October 1, 2016? Deepak Sabhlok, Director Project, has been entrusted with an additional charge of the same.






Term of Raizada extended for two years

Term of Ajit Raizada has been extended for another years as Independent External Monitor of the Goa Port Trust. He is former 1970 batch IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre.






Prashant Kumar appointed as Member, CCESC, Kolkata

Prashant Kumar has been appointed as Member in Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission (CCESC), at Kolkata Bench. He is a 1983 batch IRS-C&CE officer.





Harmeet Singh appointed as Member, CCESC, Kolkata

Harmeet S Singh has been appointed as Member in Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission (CCESC), at Kolkata Bench. He is a 1984 batch IRS-C&CE officer.





C Rajendiran appointed as Member, CCESC, Chennai

C Rajendiran has been appointed as Member in Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission (CCESC), at Chennai Bench. He is a 1985 batch IRS-C&CE officer.






U N Behera is Chairman of OERC

Former Chief Secretary U N Behera has been appointed Chairman of the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission. He is former 1983 batch IAS officer.





Rajkumar deputed as CPM, RVNL, Waltiar

B S K Rajkumar presently in South Central Railway has been deputed as Chief Project Manager, at Waltiar, Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. He is an IRSE officer.






Govind Pandey appointed as Director, (ME), Railway Board

Govind Pandey, presently in Rail Wheel Plant, has been appointed as Director, Mechanical Engineering (Products Units), Railway Board. He is an IRSME officer.





Rajesh K Jain appointed as Railway Safety Commissioner, Mumbai

Rajesh K Jain, presently in Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCI), has been appointed as Commissioner of Railway Safety at Central Circle, Mumbai. He is an IRSEE officer.






R Mukundan is also SDGM, South Central Railway

R Mukundan has been assigned an additional charge of Senior Deputy General Manager ( SDGM), South Central Railway. He is an IRPS officer.





C M Jindal transferred as FA&CAO, Rail Coach Factory

C M Jindal has been transferred as FA&CAO(C-I)/KGT, Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala. He is an IRAS officer.






Daksh relieved to join as Assistant DG, UIDAI

Vivek Kumar Daksh, Director Postal Service, Lucknow, has been relieved to join as Assistant Director General at Director level in Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). He is a 2002 batch officer of Indian Postal Service.






Kakunar Nagaraj Naidu promoted to Joint Secretary Rank, Indian Foreign Service

Kakunar Nagaraj Naidu has been promoted to Joint Secretary Rank of Indian Foreign Service by ACC.He is an Indian Foreign Service(IFS) officer.






11 Scientists promoted to Distinguished Scientists grade

As many as 11 Scientists have been promoted to the grade of Distinguished Scientists. They are: Dr Chandran BSS, Burman Sanjay, Prasad MSR, Mishra SK, Prasad MVKV, Dr Manjit Singh, Manjula J, Dr Ranjan KM, Dr Singh Shashi Bala, Mohamad Haizur Rahaman and Dr Sati SC.






Tejinder Singh assigned additional charge as APCCF(C), Regional Office, Bhopal

Tejinder Singh has been assigned additional charge as APCCF(C), Regional Office, Bhopal with immediate effect. He is an 1984 batch IFS officer of Himachal Pradesh Cadre.






Ram Roop Kanaujia transferred to North Eastern Railway

Ram Roop Kanaujia has been transferred to North Eastern Railway. He is an IRSSE officer.






J.N.Sabat posted as Deputy CCM, Bilaspur, East Coast Railway

J N Sabat has been posted as Deputy CCM(PM), Bilaspur, East Coast Railway.He is an IRTS officer.





Gangal gets additional charge as SDGM, South Western Railway

Ashutosh Gangal has been assigned additional charge as Senior Deputy General Manager (SDGM), South Western Railway. He is an IRSME officer.






S D Anand designated as Senior Advocate

Justice S D Anand, former Judge of High Court, has been designated as Senior Advocate.






Supriyo Ghosh is also Director, MB

Supriyo Ghosh, Director PBI, has been assigned an additional charge of Director MB. He is a 2005 batch officer of Indian Postal Service.





Mrs Ilakkiya Karunagaran promoted as SP, CID in Karnataka (UPDATED)

Mrs Ilakkiya Karunagaran has been promoted and posted as Superintendent of Police, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Bengaluru in Karnataka. She is a 2012 batch IPS officer of Karnataka cadre.





13 IAS Probationers of 2014 batch get postings in MP (UPDATED)

As many as 13 batch IAS Probationers have been given postings after return from training of second phase. Accordingly, Aditya Singh has been appointed as SDO Revenue Jatara Tikamgarh while Ankit Ashtna was posted as SDO, Revenue Pohri Shivipuri and Arun Kumar Vishwakarma is SDO, Revenue, Kewalari, Seoni. Similarly, Ashish Vashisth has been apointed as SDO, Revenue Gohad, Bhiind; Avi Prasad as SDO, Revenue, Badnagar, Sheopur; Rishav Gupta as SDO, Revenue, Kukshi Dhar; Saket Malviya as SDO, Revenue, Jobat, Alirajpur; Ms Shitla Patle as SDO, Revenue, Punasa, Khandwa; Ms Tanvi Hudda as SDO, Revenue, Maihar, Satna; Ms Ruju Bafna as SDO, Nagda, Ujjain; Ms Bhavya Mittal as SDO, Revenue, Dhar and Kshitij Singhal as SDO Revenue, Harsud Khandwa.





ONGC declares results for Q2 FY17
In its 286th Board meeting held on October 27, 2016, ONGC presented the Quarterly results for the second quarter ended on September 30, 2016. The company notifies 15 discoveries so far in FY'17 while decares interim dividend of 90% with the board recommending bonus issue in the ratio of 1:2. ONGC Board has approved an interim dividend of 90%, i.e. 4.50 on each equity share of ? 5. The total payout on this account will be 3,850 crore. Government of India will receive ? 2,654 crore on its 68.93% shareholding. In addition, dividend distribution tax of 784 crore would also be paid to the Government. The Record date for distribution of dividend has been fixed for 5 th November, 2016 which has been intimated to the stock exchanges. The payment of interim dividend to the shareholders shall start from November 7, 2016. ONGC Board has recommended Bonus issue in the ratio of 1:2 (i.e. one bonus share for every two existing shares held) subject to approval of shareholders.






MMTC to launch awareness drive of Indian gold coin

With an aim to drive awareness around Diwali on the availability of Indian Gold Coin, MMTC along with World Gold Council will launch a multimedia advertising campaign.





Dev re-appointed MD & CEO of Tata Elxsi Ltd

Tata Elxsi Limited has re-appointed Madhukar Dev as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company w.e.f. January 16, 2017.






Chandra steps down as Group CEO & ED of NDTV Ltd

Vikramaditya Chandra has stepped down as Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of NDTV Ltd with immediate effect. He will however continue as Consulting Editor of the company.






Rao offered addl. charge as Group CEO of NDTV Ltd

K.V.L. Narayan Rao who is the Executive Vice Chairperson of NDTV Ltd will assume additional responsibilities as the Group CEO of NDTV Ltd with immediate effect.





Mascarenhas appointed as Addl. Independent Director of Andhra Pradesh Tanneries Ltd

Andhra Pradesh Tanneries Ltd has appointed Glen Sylvester Mascarenhas as Additional Independent Director of the company.





Govind appointed as Director of Maris Spinners Ltd

Maris Spinners Ltd has appointed A Hari Govind as Director of the company.






Ms Desai resigns as Independent Director of Maharashtra Scooters Limited

Ms Charu Desai has resigned as an Independent Director of Maharashtra Scooters Limited.




Singla ceases to be PSIDC Nominee Director on Winsome Yarns Board

Suresh Kumar Singla has ceased to be nominee of Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation Limited on the Board of Directors of Winsome Yarns Limited.





Prasad appointed as Addl. Director of Just Dial Ltd

Just Dial Limited has appointed Pulak Prasad as an Additional Director of the company.





Jha resigns as CS of JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd

Dhiraj Kumar Jha has resigned as Company Secretary of JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd.





Aga resigns as Independent Director of Subex Ltd

Sanjeev Aga has resigned as Independent Director of Subex Limited.