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Smita Awasthi

Revolution in Journalism

Main akela hi chala tha janibe-e-manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye aur Caravan banta gaya

I started all alone towards the goal but gradually people kept joining
and it began to turn into a new revolution (in journalism)

When I started, in March 2001, I drew flak even from the closest of my friends since it was a new concept in journalism which nobody relished. I, however, stood committed to my conviction that 'information is power' and positive journalism too can do wonders.

Having faith in almighty (Sai Baba - Our CMD), I remained focused on my work with the result that the website which started with merely two hits has now hit a benchmark of 3 crore hits with delivering information that matters without even a single day break for more than 14 years.

I thank all the well wishers, subscribers. surfers and contributors from the bottom of my heart for making - whispers in the corridors - what it is today.

It could have never been possible without your support that we have been sustaining for so long - with no other competitor in this country of 130 crore people - that too without any political or corporate backing.

Only dedication to work with malice to none is our USP.

Thanks once again.

Dr. Suresh Mehrotra

Information Is Power


This is History (85)

It is worth noting that although Albuquerque was a harsh and cruel enemy to the Arabs, he tried to be friendly with the other commercial people.




NPS & APY has more than 1 crore subscribers

National Pension System (NPS) has been made available to every Indian Citizen from May 1, 2009 on a voluntary basis. Further, from June 1, 2015, the Atal Pension Yojana has been launched, which has given the much required impetus to social security schemes. Currently, NPS and APY together have more than one crore subscribers with total Assets Under Management (AUM) of Rs.1,00,275 crores.

Weak monsoon has affected water storage

Weak monsoon has affected water storage of the country. According to official information, states having better storage than last year are Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Tripura. States having lesser storage than last year are Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh-Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The water storage available in 91 major reservoirs of the country as on October 8, 2015 was 94.63 BCM, which is 60% of total storage capacity of these reservoirs.

Hawaa ke rukh mein badlaaw...

For years and years Hindus were on back foot!!
For them Congress cared a hoot!!

Appeasement of Majority Minority (MM) khullam khulla!
A small issue and for them created a hulla!!

Pseudo lot in Civil Society joined in!
Going against MM wishes was like a sin!

Iftars and Eids were celebrated!!
And Holi .. Diwali ..were berated!!

Waste of H2O and too noisy and waste of money!!
Iftars and Eid were like cream and honey!

MMS even said they had 1st right on Nation's resources!!
Thank God he did not make us take Urdu courses!!

So after years Hindus feel they have got Independence!
I know 60 years after India got it doesn't make sense!

But to many it does seem so!!
And what happens after such Freedom we know!

So do expect some ..letting off of steam!
And keep in mind Modi calls India ..A Team!!

Team of various faiths that play for One Nation!!
Which led to ..Sabh ka saath sabh ka vikaas creation.

Roadside Beef Party was aimed at causing pain!
Engineer will engineer some new pain again!!

Omar says ..Engineer did nothing illegal!!
Is hurting religious sentiments legal??

What if with a Pork Party others retaliate!!
These are Parties of spreading hate!

And Modi is right ..fight poverty and not each other!
Poverty is about what we need to bother!

Whatever Pre Poll surveys may say!!
My Weathercock Laloo shows the way!!

His body language and abuse show route!!
Mahaghatbandhan is losing without a doubt!

Onions and Dengue caught Kejri sleeping!!
Seems only on movies and concerts tabs he's keeping!

Any picture release and he gives you a review tweet!
Pseudos term it so sweet!!

Now Ghulam Ali will sing in Delhi in December ,
A fav Ghazal of his I remember!

Modified it as per the situation !
Yes we are a Terror effected Nation! !

Hungaama hai kyon barpaa 26.11 aur border pe firing joh kee hai....Nuclear Missile to nahi maara..bass bundooko aur bombs se dushmani kee hai!!









Dr Sekhar Basu has been appointed as Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy and Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission. His term will be for 11 months. Current Chief Dr R. K. Sinha will retire by this month end.




Anand Kumar empanelled as DG in GoI

Anand Kumar has been empanelled for the posts of Director General of Police in Government of India. He is a 1981 batch IPS officer of MP cadre.






Mrs Vimla Mehra empanelled as DG in GoI

Mrs Vimla Mehra has been empanelled for the posts of Director General of Police in Government of India. She is a 1978 batch IPS officer of UT cadre.







Tenure of Gopal Reddy - Joint Secretary, MHA extended

Central deputation tenure of M Gopal Reddy, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), has been extended for a further period of two months beyond October 7, 2015. He is a 1985 batch IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre.







B B Prasad is Member, Customs Settlement Commission, Kolkata Bench

B B Prasad has been appointed Member, Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission in the Department of Revenue, Kolkata Bench. He is a 1980 batch retired IRS-Customs officer.







Rakesh Misra is Member, Customs Settlement Commission, Mumbai Bench

Rakesh Misra has been appointed Member, Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission in the Department of Revenue, Mumbai Bench. He is a 1980 batch IRS-Customs officer.






Ashok Kumar Gupta is Member, Customs Settlement Commission, Mumbai Bench

Ashok Kumar Gupta has been appointed Member, Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission in the Department of Revenue, Mumbai Bench. He is a 1981 batch IRS-Customs officer.







P K Mohanty appointed Member, Customs Settlement Commission, Mumbai Bench
P K Mohanty has been appointed Member, Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission in the Department of Revenue, Mumbai Bench. He is a 1982 batch IRS-Customs officer.







Sachin Ashok Kedare and Bachagundi Shivanand F have been posted as Assistant Directors in the office of Textile Commissioner, Mumbai. He is a 2011 batch IES officer.







Vidyawati goes to USA

V Vidyawati (IAS, KN, 1991) goes on Eisenhower Fellowship for four months program to USA.






Inter-cadre deputation tenure extended

Inter-cadre deputation of Tripura cadre 1991 batch IAS officer Jaydeep Nayak has been extended till December end.







Dr. Meenakumari appointed OSD, NAEP

Dr. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries) ICAR, has been appointed as OSD, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).







Rajiv Kumar is now DG Home Guards in Jharkhand

Rajiv Kumar has been appointed new DG Home Guards in Jharkhand. He is 1981 batch IPS officer.







Yatindra Kumar relieved to join GoI

Yatindra Kumar has been relieved by the Tripura Government to join GoI. 1996 batch MT cadre IAS officer Kumar will join as CVO in the AAI.






K M Mahesh relieved to join as Deputy Secretary, Petroleum

K M Mahesh has been relieved to join as Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. He is an IRS-IT officer.






B B Verma transferred as Adviser, Railway Board

B B Verma presently in Northern Railway has been transferred to Railway Board and posted as Adviser (Accounts), Railway Board. He is an IRAS officer.






Unmesh Sharad Wagh appointed Director (CX-I), CBEC

Unmesh Sharad Wagh has been deputed as Director (CX-I), Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) under the Department of Revenue for a period of five years. He is a 2000 batch IRS-C&CE officer.






Zubair Riaz Kamili appointed Director (Customs), CBEC

Zubair Riaz Kamili has been deputed as Director (Customs), Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) under the Department of Revenue for a period of five years. He is a 2000 batch IRS-C&CE officer.





Suraksha Katiyar appointed Director (PAC), CBEC

Suraksha Katiyar has been deputed as Director (PAC), Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) under the Department of Revenue for a period of five years. He is a 1995 batch IRS-C&CE officer.






Maheswara Reddy joins as Director, DAR

K Maheswara Reddy has taken over as the Director, DARE, one of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) labs.






Ashok Kuamr Pavadia gets premature repatriation

Ashok Kumar Pavadia, Adviser, Inter State Council Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs, has been given a premature repatriation to his parent cadre. He is a 1980 batch IRTS officer.






T K Rajendran appointed as Chennai Police Commissioner (UPDTED)

T K Rajendran has been posted as Commissioner of Police, Chennai in Tamil Nadu. He is a 1984 batch IPS officer.






Two IPS officers shifted in Tamil Nadu (UPDATED)

S George has been appointed as ADGP Prisons while J K Tripathy was transferred as ADGP Law and Order in the place of Rajendran in Tamil Nadu.






Amitesh Kumar Sinha appointed as Director (CCA), Railway Board (UPDATED)

Amitesh Kumar Sinha has been appointed as Director, Finance (CCA), Railway Board. He is an IRAS officer.






Uma Kant Shukla deputed as Deputy Secretary, NCERT (UPDATED)

Uma Kant Shukla presently in West Central Railway has been deputed to National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) as Deputy Secretary. He is from Personnel service.






J B Mohapatra gets proforma promotion to PrCIT grade (UPDATED)

Indian Revenue Service officer of Income Tax cadre, J B Mohapata presently as Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor, Department of Science & Technology, has been given proforma promotion to the grade of Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, CBDT with effect from January 30, 2015.







Jaykrishna resigns as Jt. MD of Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd

Munjal M Jaykrishna has resigned as Joint Managing Director of Asahi Songwon Colors Limited. He will however continue as a Non Executive Director of the company






Gossain appointed MD of Kone India

Kone India has appointed Amit Gossain as Managing Director of the company.






Bhalla appointed Whole-time Director of Kwality Ltd

Kwality Limited has appointed Dr Satyendra Kumar Bhalla as Whole-time Director of the company.






Tandon appointed Addl. Director of Melstar Information Technologies Ltd

Melstar Information Technologies Limited has appointed Sanjiv Tandon as Additional Director of the company.






Acharya appointed Independent Director of NRC Ltd

NRC Limited has appointed Ms Savita Acharya as an Independent Director of the company.





Mehta appointed CS of Welterman International Ltd

Welterman International Ltd has appointed Ms Nirali Mehta as the Company Secretary of the company.







(The views expressed in this column are of the contributors. We do not owe any responsibility, whatsoever, of the views of our surfers as it is their personal opinion. However, we would also request our contributors not to be personal, directly or indirectly, in presenting their views. Instead of countering the views which ‘X’ has already expressed, our contributors are advised to present their own views. Also be brief, say about 200 words at the most since any views longer than that if eliminated at our end would carry the risk of the contrbutor’s item losing its original essence)

Farmers woes

The economic condition of farmers in general in India and particularly in Punjab has been consistently bad except for major Malwa belt, where Narmada sparked prosperity in the 1960s.The fruits of consolidation of holdings and ushering in of green revolution eased the situation a bit till late 1980s.But since the mid 1990s, the distress of farmers began in the Malwa belt with sporadic reports of farmers committing suicide due to poor financial condition. This led to some universities to undertake research on the subject to pin-point the predominant reasons of such tragedies. Recently this exercise has again been undertaken by some Punjab Universities with the government providing the budget. In the early 2000, farmers union and social activists started serious action on the issue and went to the extent of filing PILs, when government action did not measure up to their expectations. The government's seriousness followed with due deliberations at the senior level. In order to file reply to the PILs , Chief Secretary would regularly hold the meetings ,without serious discussions to find lasting solutions to some issues, which have been bane of the peasantry for centuries particularly indebtedness and its impact.

In one such meeting the deliberations followed thus: Chief Secretary is addressing the senior officers, ''CM sahib has taken a very serious view of the increasing number of the farmers' suicides, so we have to address the issue to stop this and think of ways and means to rehabilitate suitably the affected families. ''He looked towards the Financial Commissioner Revenue, but before she could start, a very computer savvy young Principal Secretary Medical Education said, ''Sir, before coming for the meeting, I had checked the position in Australia, Canada, Japan, Brazil and USA. There the number of such suicides have been much more. It is happening the world over. ''He intended to continue , but CS cut him short by asking, ''What were the reasons and what those governments were doing to address the issue''? Frown was visible on his face. ''I will find out , sir, '' was the answer given by the officer. CS further asked him to depute doctors from the Medical colleges to specifically find out the psychological reasons, if drug addiction has been causing it. ''Sir there is shortage of psychiatrists, but I will do it ,'' replied the officer. FCR (Financial Commissioner Revenue). who was waiting for her turn said, ''Sir I have found out that Moneylenders Act is not being implemented and the commission agents were charging exorbitant rate of interest. The farmers are unable to repay the loans which result in the farmers selling the lands in distress. I have studied the Debt Relief Act, which lays down the constitution of Debt Reconciliation Tribunals. I suggest divisional commissioners may be designated as such to speedily decide the cases.'' But will the farmers have to travel hundreds of miles to divisional headquarters for their cases, which are expected to be in large numbers? When I was a divisional commissioner, I had 5000 court cases , so the commissioners are already very busy. And why not Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars do this work?'' FCR was quick to answer, ''The commissioners presently have the pendency of cases ranging between 800 to 1400. Furthermore if the work is entrusted to the local officers, they may succumb to political pressure.'' CS said,''ok ,we will hold the meeting separately on this issue'. I am also inquiring about as to why Crop Insurance has not been materializing for the last half a century, so we will also discuss it in the next meeting '. Secretary, Health informed that statewide campaign had been launched to nab Chemists selling intoxicating drugs. He read out the statistics of drugs seized and number of FIRs registered. Financial commissioner Cooperation said, ''We are taking up with the NABARD to lower the rate of interest for farm credit. We have achieved the credit targets and our recovery..........''. He was cut short. ''What you should look at is that the credit advanced to farmers is hassle-free and timely and the amount of recovery is accounted for, o yes! Why stamp duty is being charged on Agriculture loans, CS asked. Financial Commissioner Development briefly informed that he had already taken up the issue with the FCR.FCR nodded, assuring early solution. CS also asked the FCD to ensure timely supply of fertilizers and subsidized seeds . He also recapitulated his tenure as deputy commissioner Bathinda to stress the need to regularly check spurious insecticides and weedicides dealers as large number of complaints had been pouring in. Although Principal Secretary, Home was also present, DGP informed about number of cases filed against the drug peddlers. Secretary, Social security said, ''Sir, ostentatious living, breaking of joint family system and reduction in the sizes of land holdings may also be the cause of this tragedy, ''CS fixed the next date of meeting in which Advocate general would also be present for finalizing the reply to be filed in the court.

The farmers' position has become more precarious in the last two years. This rudderless and leaderless stage may continue for substantial time ahead as the leaders prefer to become office bearers of BCCI rather than becoming ministers at the centre and CMs in the states. The dynastic politics remains aloof from the ground realities and is guided more by the CBI's attitude and preferences. Communist party has been marginalized at the moment. However government cannot afford to overlook farmers' issues even for a day. The community is in dire need of constant care. Presently the class shall have to devise means and ways to live honorably.

Surinderjit Singh Sandhu, Amrritsar

Abuse of power by Secretary of the concerned Ministries

After a mammoth exercise done by the DoP&T in consultation with CSSS Officers Association, the Rotational Transfer Policy was initiated by the DoP&T in the year 2011 when Rajeev Kapoor was JS (A&AT). The Rotation Transfer Policy exempted those PPS who had been working with the Secretary to the Govt. of India giving a retention till the Secretary concerned retired. That is one time only. But even after retirement of the Secretary concerned, these PPS or Sr. PPS retained in the Secretary Office and got the d.o. letter issued from the new incumbent (Secretary) for further retention.

It shows how our system works at the cost of Policy Decision taken under the approval of Minister of DoP&T i.e. the Prime Minister of India. Most of these Secretaries were/are IAS, who despite knowing the Policy of the GOI, abused their powers or position and wrote d.o.letter for retention of those who were not supposed to continue in that Ministry. It is a sheer attack on the calibre of the Secretary and Joint Secretary of the DoP&T who were involved in evolving this RTP.

Now DoP&T after detailed consultation with the CSSS PPS Association and CSS Officers Associations revisited RTP for both the services. In those consultations, all the Office Bearers of both the associations were present. JS (AT &A) and Secretary, Sanjay Kothari, strongly mentioned that no retention will be given to any officer of CSSS, whether one is working with the Secretary or any other higher officer. The Association of CSSS handed over the names of about 35 officers who have been working in various department since 20-25 years. Present JS (AT & A) assured the office bearers that this policy will be implemented in totality.
Vide Order No.3/2/2015-CS.II(A) dated 6th October, 2015, the first list of 70 officers for rotational transfer was issued by the DoP&T. This list inter alia include 35 officers who had been taking unlawful retention twice, thrice or even four times from different incumbents (secretaries) of that department.

It is learnt from the CS-II Division that these 35 officers, which include Ministries like Earth Sciences, Revenue, Environment and Forests, Panchayati Raj and so on and so forth, wrote d.o. letters to Shri Sanjay Kothari, Secretary, DoP&T for their further retention.

On enquiring about this fact, the CS-II informed that they will not entertain those d.o. letters and it is a pledge of Secretary, Sanjay Kothari that RTP will be implemented in any case.

Receiving the blunt reply of DoP&T, now the corrupt Secretaries have resorted to alternative arrangement to retain the favourite man/officer on loan basis, by sending the persona non grata to that Ministry/Department, where his/her favourite man/officer was transferred under RTP Order dated 6.10.2015.

I am being PPS, the victim of this loan policy. I contacted the CSSS PPS Officers' Office Bearer on this issue. The Office Bearer clarified that the functioning of the government is based on Rules and Regulations only. There is no provision in the RTP about loan policy. Neither there is mentioning of Loan Arrangement of personnel in any of the CSS or CSSS or any Service Rules. This (loan-policy) is a self-created policy by the Indian Administrative Officers, especially, by corrupt Secretaries to serve his/her vested interest at the cost of Public Interest. There are few honest Secretaries who will not give any retention/resort to loan policy. It is an informal arrangement and no Secretary gives in writing to the DoP&T or the loanee department for retaining PS/PPS/Sr. PPS on loan basis. This arrangement moves verbally. The concerned Department has no authority to send any officer to the other Department against the retained PPS or Sr. PPS, as there is no Rules and Regulation. One can resort to the Court of Law/ CVC against that particular Secretary who has or have been abusing his position by favouring particular officer and depriving one's fundamental right to work as per rotational policy, which is approved by the Hon'ble Minister concerned. The Office Bearer of the Association assured that if any written statement/letter of loan request is made available to the Association, the vigilance case will be initiated against those officers who would have initiated and signed the proposal of loan for a particular officer who comes under RTP. As there is no existence of Loan Policy. It is against the canon of governance.
I humbly request respected Secretary, DoP&T that the Officer of CSSS who get himself retained through the non-existing Loan Policy and not adhering to RTP, must be taken in the ambit of FR 17-A, CCS (Conduct) Rules and CCS (CCA) Rules.
I also request respected Cabinet Secretary to fulfil the aspiration of the Constitution of India and take disciplinary action against corrupt secretaries under All India Service (Conduct) Rules, who have been hindering in the implementation of the Government of India's Rotational Transfer Policy made in public interest and stop them running a Parallel DoP&T.









Medico legal report of self and others

The appellant suffered injury on his head in a clash which he alleged to have been shown as 'simple' in the MLC and those of his opponents were shown as 'grievous' even though they were simple injuries. He claimed that as a result, the police filed criminal case against him under section 308 IPC, attempt to murder. He sought the MLC of himself and that of his neighbours in order to fight his case in the court. The CIC directed to provide the MLC report.


The CIC has been conservative in providing the MLC reports holding them as personal information which may impede the process prosecution of the accused. In most cases, it has been directed by the CIC to obtain such reports through the court rather than taking up the onus on itself to decide whether such information should be given.

Citation: Jaspal Singh v. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital in Case No. CIC/SA/A/2015/000751

Weekly article by Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Verma (, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore. Her other articles can be read at

(, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore and Co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION - LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO's Guide to RTI by Taxmann. (The views are Personal)









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