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I have an enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet.






Banks have stopped taking recommendations

Encouragement by Government of India to work only on merits, banks have now stopped taking recommendations and entertaining phone calls of the powers that be while sanctioning loans. Now only those who qualify as per the guidelines are being obliged.


Mallikarjun Kharge is new Congress incharge Maharashtra

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has removed Mohan Prakash and appointed Mallikarjun Kharge as new Congress incharge in Maharashtra.







Gayi Aap paani mein


A recent acquaintance... someone who works for a Media House... which as per me is pretty fair in its reportage.... drops in to meet me. Over Chilled Jall-Jeera and spicy Aloo Chaat we get chatting.


Me: Seems a section  of the Media is hell bent to show Achche Din haven't still come...

Friend: Ha ..ha... the Darbaari lot... but if you look closely their own careers in the doldrums... unn ke toh bahut boore dinn chall rahe hai..

M: Like..... hint ...

F: Ex Editor of a Fearless Newspaper.... who today is reduced to running an inconsequential  Web News Site and spends his time tweeting... a ex Diva of electronic Media...whose jobless.... craving  to get back into Anchoring News..


F: How can these people say Achche Dinn are here...

M:  And off and on they'll  put out something like the 15 lac parable made by Modi..

F: For the umpteenth time saying this.... Modi just let us know the quantum of money overseas is so much that if its brought back every Indian could get 15 lacs...

M: Yes we must empathise with them.... one day the Boss and next day nobody...

F: Fantastic ... sending the NSG to Kashmir... just their  presence  sends a huge message..

M: Since Mehbooba quit as CM there's been no stone throwing... locals behaving....in fact offering tea and biscuits to Army Teams undertaking Local Search Operations...

F: Believe me... I was in Kashmir for quite some time.... they only understand the language of a 'heavy hand'!!! Any laxness and they take it you are weak...

M: Yes.... help them.... bring progress to the Valley.... but don't let down gaurd....they should know Army is there and will retaliate if there is any violation of law and order...

F: I think Sushma reacted a bit too fast in the matter of a Hindu-Muslim Couple in a Passport matter..

M: From what I saw on TV the RPO was right.... after marriage if you maintain your Maiden Name a Affidavit declaring your intention is needed..

F: And the Passport Office will take some time to verify if the Applicant had applied in her married name and obtained a Passport... people whose Visas are rejected  do change ID and Passports.....there must be some resson for them to apply from Lucknow when they are from Noida....I think Sushma in her mission to earn brownie points from Pseudos jumped the gun...

M: So Kejri is in Bangalore... and IAS Officers back in Delhi are saying they are waiting for the meeting LG has advised...

F: Its a temporary truce...if Kejri doesn't  do the needful they'll go back to boycotting meetings..

M: Ball is in Kejri 's Court...

F: Problem with him is... a tennis ball is in his Court and he returns and starts playing gully cricket with it...

M: Yes he changes goal posts.....in fact more apt he changes  the game..

F: Aur milla kya... Delhi Public are suffering AAP....

M: Maybe he's now realized he's not going to come to power next election.. so enjoy.... pangge lo..... and if reports are to believed.... allegedly rake it in....

F: I think this would be end of AAP.... epitaph... they came to fight Laloo.....  Mulayam types........and ended up thanking them for their support!!!

M: Gayi AAP paani mein...


Disclaimer:  Satire  .  Not meant to influence, inform, insult or caste any aspersions. Purely for Entertainment purposes only. With inputs from MSM, SM  and Blogs




whispersinthecorridors.com SURVEY

Modi Down But Not Out
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is going down with each passing day, they say. “Modi as PM has not been able to fulfill the aspirations of people and, thus, he should go”. But then Who is the PM material in the country ?
whispersinthecorridors.com asked its surfers - Is there a substitute for PM Narendra Modi in BJP or any other political party ? If so, who ? – and the majority said that the country is, at present, short of having a person of the stature of Modi.
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Who has been the most succesfull bureaucrat turned politician ?

Eyeing politics as a vibrant medium of serving the nation, several civil servants have in the past several years identified politics as more suitable career to serve the people. Given the fact that they found the political system much comfortable and active in order to bring about the desired change, it however remains to be seen that who among the bureaucrats (who turned politicians) have been most succesfull both in the state and at the Centre.

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MP Chief Secretary B P Singh gets Six months extension (23 Jun,2018)

Madhya Pradesh Chief Secretary B P Singh has been given six months extension in service beginning July 1. He is 1984 batch IAS officer of MP cadre.

(We said this on February 19)

Arijit Basu appointed MD, SBI (23 Jun,2018)

Arjit Basu has been appointed as Managing Director, State Bank of India.

(We said this on April 9 and June 6, 2018 )

Abhay Singh transferred to Ranchi (23 Jun,2018)

Abhay Singh, JD, CBI, Kolkata, has been transferred to Ranchi, CBI in the same capacity. He is a MP cadre IPS officer.

Longkumer to be DGP, Nagaland ? (23 Jun,2018)

TJ Longkumer will be new DGP of Nagaland. He is a Chhattisgarh cadre 1991 batch IPS officer. He is going to Nagaland on deputation for three years.

Justice Chauhan appointed Chairman, DERC (23 Jun,2018)

Justice Satendra Singh Chauhan has been appointed new Chairman of Delhi Electricity Regulation Commission (DERC). He is a Judge of Allahabad HC's Lucknow Bench and will retire in the first week of July. DERC is getting new Chairman after two years

Nagaland DGP resigns ! (23 Jun,2018)

Nagaland DGP Rupin Sharma has reportedly resigned. He is 1992 batch IPS officer of Nagaland cadre. He was irked over his removal from the post.

Now youngest DGP in Nagaland (23 Jun,2018)

Renchamo P. Kikon who is new DGP of Nagaland is the youngest DGP in the country. He is 1998 batch IPS officer of Nagaland cadre.

Dr Raju is CEO, Coconut Development Board (23 Jun,2018)

Dr Raju Narayan Swamy has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Coconut Development Board on deputation basis for a period of one year. He is a 1991 batch IAS officer of Kerala cadre.

Ashok M R Dalawai appointed as CEO, NRAA (23 Jun,2018)

Ashok M R Dalawai has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) on contract basis for a period of two years. He is a 1984 batch IAS officer of Orissa cadre.

Salim Purushothaman selected as Director (Prod), Braithwaite & Co Ltd (23 Jun,2018)

Salim G Purushothaman, AGM, RINL, has been selected for the post of Director (Production), Braithwaite & Co. Ltd at a Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) meeting held on June 22, 2018.

Dinesh Singh appointed Member, NCDRC (23 Jun,2018)

Dinesh Singh has been appointed as Member, National Consumers' Dispute and Redressal Commission (NCDRC). Presently he is Secretary, Land Resources and scheduled to retire this month. He is a 1982 batch UP cadre IAS officer.

30 officers applied for NCDRC (23 Jun,2018)

According to sources, about 30 officers, retired and retiring, had applied for the post of Member, National Consumers' Dispute and Redressal Commission (NCDRC). Those applied belong to IAS and other services.

30 officers applied for NCDRC (23 Jun,2018)

According to sources, about 30 officers, retired and retiring, had applied for the post of Member, National Consumers' Dispute and Redressal Commission (NCDRC). Those applied belong to IAS and other services.

Eight HCs still working with Acting CJs (23 Jun,2018)

Eight High Courts still have Acting Chief Justices as on June 1, 2018. They are- Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, Bombay, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Punjab & Haryana.

Two Members of TC to retire in September (23 Jun,2018)

Two Members of Telecom Commission(TC)- Deepak Sinha and Prabhakar Singh - are schedule to retire this year. Sinha will superannuate in July while Singh is schedule to retire in September this year. Both officers belong to 1981 batch ITS .

Tenure of Dr S B Singh as DGP, Meghalaya ends in July (23 Jun,2018)

The extended tenure of Dr S B Singh as Director General of Police, Meghalaya, is ending in July 2018. He is 1986 batch IPS officer of Assam-Meghalaya cadre.

27 IFS officers proficient in Japanese language (23 Jun,2018)

There are 27 Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers who currently have proficiency in Japanese language.

IPS officer to participate in Interpol conference (23 Jun,2018)

Sanjay Agarwal will participate in 24th Interpol, Americas Regional Conference, scheduled to be held from July 10 to 13. He is 1992 batch IPS officer of Rajasthan cadre.

Tapan Kumar Deka empanelled as ADG in GoI (23 Jun,2018)

Tapan Kumar Deka has been empanelled as Additional Director General in Government of India. He is a 1988 batch IPS officer of Himachal Pradesh cadre.

15% increase in Judges strength (23 Jun,2018)

During four years of NDA govt, sanctioned strength of Judges/Judicial Officers of Distt and Subordinate Courts has increased by 2770. By the end of 2014 the Judges strength was 19519 but , according to latest data, now it is 22474, an increased by 15.15%. Simultaneously, working strength of Judicial Officers has risen from 15115 to 16728.

Inder Jit Singh is also Secretary, Mines for a while (23 Jun,2018)

Inder Jit Singh, has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Ministry of Mines till July 1, 2018. He is a 1985 batch IAS officer of Kerala cadre.

Raghavendra Rao gets charge of Pharmaceuticals (23 Jun,2018)

P Raghvendra Rao has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals till July 8, 2018. He is a 1985 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Dhirendra Verma appointed as Deputy Secretary, AIIMS, New Delhi (23 Jun,2018)

Dhirendra Verma has been appointed as Deputy Secretary at Director level in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. He is a 1998 batch ITS officer.

Ms Vandita Kaul gets proforma promotion to HAG (23 Jun,2018)

Ms Vandita Kaul presently on deputation has been accorded Higher Administrative Grade (HAG). She is a 1989 batch officer of Indian Postal Service.

Dr. Malik to retire in July (23 Jun,2018)

Dr. D.K.Malik, a 1985 batch IDES officer, will superannuate in July this year. Presently, he is posted as Principal Director, DE, SW  Command, Jaipur. He is a HAG level officer.

Two IDES officers likely to be promoted (23 Jun,2018)

As per available information, two IDES officers- N. Bhaskar Reddy and Ajay Kumar Sharma- are likely to be promoted in HAG. Reddy is a 1987 batch officer while Sharma belong to 1989 batch.

Three IPS officers promoted as IGP in Gujarat (23 Jun,2018)

Three IPS officers of 2000 batch: Mrs Nipuna M Torawane, M A M H Anarwala and D B Vaghela have been promoted to the grade of Inspector General of Police (IGP) in Gujarat.

Four IPS officers promoted as ADGP in Gujarat (23 Jun,2018)

Four IPS officers of 1993 batch: Gyanender Singh Malik, Hasmukh N Patel, Dr Neerja Gotru Rao and J K Bhatt have been promoted to the grade of Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) in Gujarat.

Six IPS officers in Gujarat get Selection Grade (23 Jun,2018)

As many as six IPS officers of 2005 batch in Gujarat have been accorded Selection Grade. They are Maninder Partap Singh Pawar, Himanshu Shukla, Raghavendra Vats, Prem Vir Singh, M S Bharada and H R Chaudhary.

Ms Amrita Singh Ahuja appointed as Under Secretary, CBDT (23 Jun,2018)

Ms Amrita Singh Ahuja has been relieved to join as Under Secretary, CBDT under the Department of Revenue. She is an IRS-IT officer.

Rajeev Kanchan appointed DGM (Fin.), NHSRCL, Mumbai (23 Jun,2018)

Rajeev Kanchan has been appointed as DGM(Finance), National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), Mumbai. He belong to Railway service.

R P Meena transferred to North Western Railway (23 Jun,2018)

R P Meena has been transferred from South Western Railway to North Western Railway. He is an IRTS officer.

Arun Dev Gautam is ADGP (CID), PHQ, Chhattisgarh (23 Jun,2018)

The services of Arun Dev Gautam, Secretary, Home, Jail and Transport Department, Govt of Chhattisgarh have been returned to Home Department, Govt of Chhattisgarh as Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)  in the Police Headquarters, Naya Raipur. He is an IPS officer of 1992 batch.

Nine officers of Central Labour Service get Non-Functional Upgradation (23 Jun,2018)

As many as nine officers of Central Labour Service have been granted Non-Functional Upgradation. The officers are: Y V N Chari (retired), Ms S Chatterjee, S K Sinha, Ms Shashi Negi, Anil Kumar Agarwal, A K Sen, M C Sharma, S S Bhopale and Subrata Saha.

S P Rayal promoted as PCCF in MP (23 Jun,2018)

S P Rayal has been promoted to the grade of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests in Madhya Pradesh. He is a 1984 batch IFS officer of MP cadre.

A B Gupta promoted as APCCF in MP (23 Jun,2018)

A B Gupta has been promoted to the grade of Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests in Madhya Pradesh. He is a 1986 batch IFS officer of MP cadre.

Minor reshuffle of IFS officers in MP (23 Jun,2018)

J K Mohanty has been appointed as Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and MD, Madhya Pradesh State Forest Corporation while Pushkar Singh was made APCCF, Development and S S Rajput APCCF/CEO, Eco Tourism Development Board Bhopal. Besides, C S Ninama was made CF, Action Plan, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

Four IAS officers in AP shifted (23 Jun,2018)

P Koteswara Rao has been posted as Joint Collector & Additional District Magistrate, Kadapa District while Mrs C Naga Rani is appointed as Director, Handlooms & Textiles and Pattanshetti Ravi Subash is Chief Executive Officer, Dr. NTR Vaidyaseva Trust. Besides, Balaji D K gets additional charge of the post of Project Officer, ITDA, Paderu, Visakhapatnam District.

S Javeed Ahmed gets Apex Scale (23 Jun,2018)

S Javeed Ahmed, Director, NICFS has been granted Apex Pay scale. He is a 1984 batch IPS officer of UP cadre.

Harsh Vaidya appointed as Director, Dattopant Thengadi National Board (23 Jun,2018)

Harsh Vaidya has been appointed as Director at Joint Secretary level, Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education & Development, Nagpur. He is a 1995 batch IDAS officer.

Nadella Naga appointed as Director (PP), NLC India Ltd (23 Jun,2018)

Nadella Naga Maheswar Rao, CGM, NLC India Ltd, has been appointed as Director (Planning & Projects), NLC India Limited.

Sridhar Patra appointed as Director (Fin), NALCO (23 Jun,2018)

Sridhar Patra, Director (Finance), THDC India Ltd, has been appointed as Director (Finance) in National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO).

Tenure of A K Gaur as Director (Fin), RITES extended (23 Jun,2018)

The tenure of A K Gaur, Director (Finance), RITES, has been extended upto July 30, 2019.

Dilip Kumar Gupta appointed as Director (Proj), SDCL (23 Jun,2018)

Dilip Kumar Gupta, Superintending Engineer, CPWD has been appointed as Director (Projects), Sagarmala Development Company Limited (SDCL).

20 IRSEE officers get Higher Administrative Grade (23 Jun,2018)

As many as 20 officers of Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE) have been promoted to Higher Administrative Grade (HAG).

Prime Minister lays foundation stone for Vanijya Bhawan (23 Jun,2018)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today laid the foundation stone for Vanjiya Bhawan in the heart of New Delhi. The Vanijya Bhawan which will come up on Akbar road in Lutyen’s Delhi will house the country’s Commerce Ministry. NBCC (India) Ltd., a Navratna CPSE under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, has been appointed as the implementing agency to construct this building. The total cost of the project is Rs. 226.83 crores. The dignitaries who attended the event were Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation; Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs; C R Chaudhary, Minister of State for Commerce & Industry and Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution; Ms. Rita Teaotia, Commerce Secretary; and other senior officials from both the Ministries and NBCC. The project will be spread across an area of 4.3 acres with a built up area of 39,500 sqm, of which ground coverage shall be 22% only. The Vanijya Bhawan will comprise G+5 stories with two basements and have a parking capacity of 444 cars. Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble PM said, “Our government has completed projects with speed and encouraged the use of advanced technologies to construct green and eco-friendly buildings. I believe the construction of Vanijya Bhawan will be completed within the set timeframe. All departments under the Commerce Ministry will be able to work in harmony in the new building.” In this context, he mentioned about Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra and the new office building for the Central Information Commission; all of which have been completed ahead of schedule by NBCC. Modi remarked “India is leveraging digital technologies as the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns upon us. This is essential to reduce dependence on imports and achieve double-digit GDP growth.” Suresh Prabhu said, “I hope that Vanijya Bhawan will be a modern, eco-friendly structure with its entire roof dedicated for solar power generation, with zero waste discharge and will offer universal accessibility.” Hardeep S Puri added, “Vanijya Bhawan will be a green and smart building and will eventually become a global hub for trade promotion and policy. I am confident that NBCC will be able to complete the project by third quarter of 2019.” Dr Anoop Kumar Mittal, Chairman Cum Managing Director, NBCC explained the features of new Vanijya Bhawan complex through its 3D model to Prime Minister at the event. The construction concepts that will be used to build this Green Smart building include smart lighting using motion sensor, occupancy sensors and daylight sensitive lighting control system that save upto 20% energy costs. Smart access control system using Bio-Metric technology will also be used in the premises. The entire building will run on renewable solar energy with panels at the roof top generating 45 KW of power. The building will be designed on the principles of green architecture with brilliant night lighting and enhanced levels of safety, security, convenience, efficiency and conservation around the premises; while retaining the Lutyen’s architectural flavour.

Admiral Sanjay Chaubey appointed as CMD, ECIL (23 Jun,2018)

Admiral Sanjay Chaubey, Director (Technical), ECIL, has been appointed as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL). The ECIL gets full-fledged CMD after almost two years. The post had been lying vacant since November 1, 2016.

Anant Barua appointed as Whole-Time Member, SEBI (23 Jun,2018)

Anant Barua, ED, SEBI, Mumbai, has been appointed as Whole-Time Member, Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for a period of three years.

Brig K P Singh appointed as IG, Assam Rifles (23 Jun,2018)

Brig K P Singh, YSM, Madras, has been appointed as Inspector General (South) in Assam Rifles for a period of 18 months.

J Ravi Shanker appointed as Director (Mkt), MMTC (23 Jun,2018)

J Ravi Shanker, Director (Marketing), PEC, has been appointed as Director (Marketing), MMTC, for a period of five years.

Capt. K P Jayakumar promoted to Principal Officer, DG Shipping (23 Jun,2018)
Capt. K P Jayakumar has been promoted to the grade of Principal Officer (Nautical) in the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai.
Dr Devendra Singhai appointed as Chairperson, Adjudicating Authority (23 Jun,2018)
Dr Devendra Singhai, Member Administration in the Adjudicating Authority under Prevention of Money Laundering Act has been appointed as Chairperson to the same.
N K Mandal promoted to Senior Administrative Grade in CLS (23 Jun,2018)
N K Mandal has been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade in the Central Labour Service (CLS).
Prof Makarand Paranjape appointed as Director, IIAS, Shimla (23 Jun,2018)
Prof. Makarand R Paranjape, Professor, JNU, has been appointed as Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Shimla.
Justices appointed as Judicial & Administrative Members, CAT (23 Jun,2018)
Some Justices including Justice Bharat Bhushan have been appointed as Judicial Members and Administrative Members in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).
ICAS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade (23 Jun,2018)
Some officers including Taranjit Singh have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade of Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS).
Justice Saumitra Pal appointed as Chairman, WB Administrative Tribunal (23 Jun,2018)
Justice Saumitra Pal, former Judge, Calcutta High Court, has been appointed as Chairman in the West Bengal Administrative Tribunal.
ICLS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade (23 Jun,2018)
Some officers including V K Khubchandani have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade in Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS).
IIS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade (23 Jun,2018)
Some officers including Onkarmal Kedia have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade of Indian Information Service.
IFS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade (23 Jun,2018)
Some officers including Oscar Kerketta have been promoted to Grade-II of Indian Foreign Service in Higher Administrative Grade.
Dr Reddy appointed as Director, PCIMH (23 Jun,2018)
Dr K Rama Chandra Reddy, Professor, Department of Rasa Shastra Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences of Banaras Hindu University, has been appointed as Director, Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homeopathy (PCIMH).
Reshuffle of IAS officers in UP ( (23 Jun,2018)
More than half a dozen IAS officers have been transferred and posted to different places in Uttar Pradesh. Accordingly, Surendra Singh has been appointed as DM, Varanasi while Vijay Vishwas Pant was made DM, Kanpur and Ravi Kumar N G is DM, Agra. Similarly, Devendra Kumar Pandey has been appointed as DM, Unnao; Gaurav Dayal as Special Secretary, Tourism & MD, State Tourism Corporation, Additional Chief Project Director, World Bank Project Tourism Lucknow; Yogeshwar Ram Mishra as Special Secretary, PWD and Akhand Pratap Singh was made Special Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies.
Anil Kishora also CRO, SBI (23 Jun,2018)

Anil Kishora, Deputy Managing Director of State Bank of India (SBI), has also been appointed as Chief Risk Officer of the Bank.

Maheshwari is Independent Director of The Federal Bank Ltd (23 Jun,2018)

The Federal Bank Limited has appointed Deepak Maheshwari as Non- Executive Independent Director of the company.

Duggal quits as CFO of Kaya Limited (23 Jun,2018)

Naveen Duggal has quit as Chief Financial Officer of Kaya Limited w.e.f. July 13, 2018.

Kohli quits as Independent Director of Kohinoor Foods (23 Jun,2018)

Sandeep Kohli has quit as Independent Director of Kohinoor Foods Limited.

Dalal is Independent Director of Kemp & Company (23 Jun,2018)

Satyen Dalal has been appointed as Non-Executive and Independent Director of Kemp & Company Limited.

FORUM (23 Jun,2018)

IFS officer is successful politician

Hardeep Singh Puri is today India’s Urban Development Minister. He is former Indian Foreign Service officer.

I K Gujrati


Tree cutting in Delhi mercilessly

Over 7000 trees face the axe in Sarojini Nagar, and other surrounding areas to make way for 'redevelopment' of Government colonies. Scandalous to say the least. Delhi is already reeling under severe pollution. It is these green areas with trees which give Delhites some breathing space. To cut so many trees which have taken years to grow is criminal. This is not development. This fetish for redevelopment is doing more harm good. Let old two storied houses remain in these colonies. They should be spruced up and redeveloped from inside with modular kitchens and clean toilets. Why break them and build highrises. With house rent allowance having gone up the demand for government house would not be that much. People are preferring to acquire their own flat and live in that. Cutting of such a large number of trees should be stopped. Already the leafy green East Kidwai Nagar has been destroyed and multistoried small flats have come up in its place. we have created a monster in the name of redevelopment. Will someone stop this folly.

Aarti Khosla


Compounded embarrassment

Monthly meeting of revenue officers, invariably presided over by the deputy commissioner, generally used to be full of tense and anxious moments. There used to be more than a score agenda items and one of these will certainly be a trap for you to fumble for words to frame a reasonable answer, for unsatisfactory progress. The deputy commissioner was asking a tehsildar as to why no recovery of dues had been made in respect of the arrears of excess payment made to the farmers for crop compensation. Tehsildar replied, ''Sir, i was busy in preparing and consigning record of rights, next time the total recovery would be made hazoor.'' The deputy commissioner seemed to be satisfied with the answer. But  the SDM interrupted, ''Sir, he will not be able to recover entire amount by the next meeting, as there was not any laid down procedure of coercion for recovery of such dues. The farmers have to be persuaded for recovery. I have already written for legislation to also enlist this item to be recovered as arrears of land revenue.'' ''You are not a revenue officer, if you have to wait for legislation for recovery of govt due, ''the deputy commissioner furiously cut him short. There was pin drop silence in the meeting hall after that. When the progress of court cases was being reviewed, the deputy commissioner asked a SDM,'' what is the meaning of 'Hasab rasad jer khewat' and 'Kabal-a-izafa lagan'? ''The officer was taken aback and did not find any word for the answer. The deputy commissioner in a tone of anger with sinister smile asked again. There was no answer. The deputy commissioner completely losing his temper roared,'' I have seen these words in your own judgement, which has been impugned in my court. Write your own judgements and do not entrust this work to your reader.'' On some other agenda items also, the officers were shouted at for unsatisfactory work. The end of the meeting was a great relief.


In one refresher course, HV Krishnamoorty, who had resigned from the IAS, to take up a management job in a industrial house, narrated a story. He said, ''A deputy commissioner got a dressing down from the chief secretary. Later in the day, the deputy commissioner called a tehsildar and  passed on the insults on him, which he had got from his boss. The tehsildar, without any delay called his qanugos in the tehsil and insulted them right and left. The qanugos called the patwaris and showed them their dracula teeth while giving them verbal blows .Early next morning, when a patwari, who had only been frowned upon last evening, saw a dog in the village street, he kicked him on the back in anger.


After being insulted in the meeting, the sub divisional magistrates, came out together, and headed for the lawn. They had moved only a few steps, when 2 dogs started barking at them in full fury. They were not deterred by the brick, which, a peon had hurled at them. One SDM, who was known for his wit and humour said, ''Andar oh pai janda si bahar tusi dowen pai gaye o, saada ajj samma e kharaba''. Finding solace in these words, the other insulted soul remarked smilingly, ''Look at their faces, these resemble the one, who is sitting inside''. All of us had a hearty laugh at these remarks, as the resemblance was perfect and as if we had avenged the insult hurled on us. I still wonder, if HV Krishnamoorty had resigned from the premier service for this reason. But 2 other superb human beings had also resigned from this service, who were born on Punjab cadre once. They were MG Devasahayam and PN Balu. Incidentally, all of them were from Tamil Nadu.


Surinderjit Singh Sandhu, Amritsar

Data with RTI (23 Jun,2018)

Unpreparedness of the Respondent

The Appellant sought information regarding the decision of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in a particular case wherein a direction for issuing detailed set of instructions in consultation with CBEC regarding the detention of imported goods was made. In the light of the unpreparedness exhibited by the Respondent present at the hearing, the Commission was compelled to postpone the hearing by four weeks. The CIC directed to issue notice to the CPIO Import. Further, the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Delhi Zone was instructed to revisit the provisions of the RTI Act in his jurisdiction and issue directives to all the concerned officials to sincerely look at the preamble of the RTI Act 2005 and its various provisions for the ease and convenience of the information seekers. The Commission also instructs the Respondent Public Authority to convene periodic conferences/seminars to sensitize, familiarize and educate the concerned officials about the relevant provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 for effective discharge of its duties and responsibilities.


In view of a large number of appeals coming up for hearing where the PIO has failed to perform his duty or seems unaware of the provisions of Act, the CIC has passed strictures and has directed to convene trainings for the officers.

Citation: Mr. R.K. Jain v. The Commissioner of Customs, New Delhi in Appeal No.:-CIC/CCCDZ/A/2017/101575-BJ-Interim, Date of Decision: 07.03.2018

Dr. Anuradha Verma (dranuradhaverma@yahoo.co.in) is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICand PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at - http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/