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Modi’s next Avataar to see ‘impossibles’

It is believed that the next Avataar (second term) of Modi would see that the impossible works, like removal of Article 370 etc, which will become a reality.




Phalhari lunch served

During Navratra HRD ministry at a PC served pure ‘Phalahari’ lunch to pressmen. It was a good gesture but those were not having fast, were uncomfortable.




AAP ko Chandaa...

I'm at my favourite Coffee Shop for my forenoon Cuppa... seated on the adjacent table is the same Lady who I had mistaken as an Activist...we get chatting.....


Lady: Many places of Worship have existed for Centuries... much before the Indian State came into existence...and the rules to have existed  too.....

Me: And though most do not conduct checks whether a person entering is a Believer or Non-Believer... but these places of Worship have come up for Believers and not for Tourism....

L: But some have entry rules which should be respected.....if SC must intervene in matters of Faith then it must also prove that it's higher than the Faith ....

M: So Devotees  have protected what they consider as sanctity of Sabrimala...no Woman below 50 allowed inside.....

F: Order was by SC..... Government in Kerala is a Commie Government but Durbaaris will blame Modi..

M: Yeah... like why doesn't he send Army to enforce SC Verdict...

F: Abh Army ka yehi kaam reh gaya hai...I think it's  the Court that needs to be petitioned via a Review Petition to introspect....like the 500 metre Liquor ban .......seems SC has overstepped....

L: The Liberal idea of tolerance is more and more a kind of intolerance. What it means is....Leave me alone...don't harass me...I'm intolerant to your views..

M: Someone has said...If there is a takevover of America ... it won't be in the form of Storm Troopers kicking down doors..it'll be with Lawyers and Social Workers saying...I'm the Government and I'm here to help...

L: On MJ Akbar (MJA).... I think the first question Court will ask Ladies.....as most say Akbar's misdeeds took place in or outside his Hotel Room... was the Hotel Room his Office...why did you ho there!!!

M: If he had such a horrendous  reputation then more the reason these Ladies should not have gone up to his Room...

L: Then there is the Yaaro ka Yaar Darbari who is trying to pressurize Courts .... she's asked like minded Journos to collect outside the Court when Ramani has to depose..

M: Enough of this...I think Nation has wasted too much time and energy on this issue..

L: Okay... but I must expound on MJA's resignation... he returned from his trip and must have been summoned by PMO and to PMO must have expounded his position ...then there were just a few cases...the first being by Ramani who had also said sheer voyeurism on part of MJA but nothing wrong took place...and Akbar must have said he's going to file a defamation case... so he was allowed to continue giving him benefit of doubt...but then accusation  after accusation started tumbling out... so it must have been decided...let MJA clear his name..and blunt the charge that as a Minister he has an unfair advantage.....

M: In Pakistan Congress running ... Desh bachchao Modi hattao...

L: Maybe Mani Shankar Aiyer runs the Page..would be worth checking who are the Friends and Followers of this Page...Hafeez Sayed...Musharaff.....

M: AAP has started its Chandaa drive....but how do they justify... Aap ka daan karre ga Desh ka nirmaan..

L: Easy...you donate to AAP... AAP uses money to fight elections....all candidates loose Deposit... Deposit goes to Treasury ....Money used for Nation..

M: Wah....


Past my break time so I bid Adieu...pay the tab and move out.....


Disclaimer:  Satire . Not meant to influence, inform, insult or caste any aspersions. Purely for Entertainment purposes only. With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs




UT cadre IPS officer Surendra Singh Yadav seeks voluntarily retirement

A 1997 batch IPS officer of UT cadre, Surendra Singh Yadav has reportedly applied for voluntarily retirement from Indian Police Service. He is presently serving as Inspector General of Police in Puducherry.

Three IAS officers appointed Observers

As many as three UP cadre IAS officers has been appointed General Observers by the Election Commission of India. Pandhari Yadav will be Observer for the by-election in Karnataka. Balkar Singh and Dr (Mrs.) Sarika Mohan has been appointed General Observers for Chhattisgarh Assembly Election.

Dr Tajinder Singh likely to return to parent cadre in Feb

Dr Tajinder Singh, presently on deputation as APCCF, Bhubaneswar, is expected to return to parent cadre in February, 2019. He is a 1984 batch IFS officer.

Tarun Shridhar is also Secretary, Food Processing Industries till Oct 21

Tarun Shridhar has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries from October 19 to 21, 2018. He is a 1984 batch IAS officer of HP cadre.

Avinash K Srivastava gets charge of Secretary, Food, Public Distribution

Avinash K Srivastava has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Department of Food and Public Distribution from October 19 to 24, 2018. He is a 1982 batch IAS officer of UP cadre.

Raghavendra Rao assigned charge of Secretary, Pharmaceuticals

P Raghavendra Rao has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals from October 19 to November 4, 2018. He is a 1985 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Raghavendra Rao assigned charge of Secretary, Pharmaceuticals

P Raghavendra Rao has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals from October 19 to November 4, 2018. He is a 1985 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Dr. Anu Peter transferred to Southern Railway

Dr. Anu Peter has been transferred from Northern Railway to Southern Railway. She is an IRMS officer.

Two IRSS officers transferred

Anand Kapoor has been transferred as OSD (IT), Northern Railway and Bimal Rautji is transferred as PCMM (PHOD), Diesel Loco Modernisation Works. Both the officers belong to IRSS.

Dr. Moodavath transferred to South Central Railway

Dr. Beemdas Moodavath has been transferred from South Western Railway to South Central Railway. He is an IRMS officer.

Eight IDAS officers transferred

CGDA has transferred eight IDAS officers. Among these two are of JAG and six are Time Scale officers. Mini Sri Bisht , 2001 batch officer has been transferred to AAO(Pay), WC with additional charge of PAO(QRs), RRRC, Delhi Cantt., Ruchir Mittal, 2006 batch has been shifted to  PIFA(IDA & SFC), New Delhi.Durga Lal Meena, 2010 batch, PCA(Fys),Kolkata, Pankaj Upadhyay, 2011 batch,PCDA, Lucknow, Sumit Gajbhiye,2011 batch, PCDA(AF),New Delhi,Bhuvnesh Kumar Verma, 2011 batch, CGDA Hq, Delhi Cantt, Amrita Panda,2013 batch,IFA, Mhow and Mohit Sharma, 2014 batch transferred to PCDA, New Delhi.

Nishant Verma is also DIGF Wildlife in EF&CC

Nishant Verma, DIGF, has been assigned an additional charge of DIGF Wildlife in the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change. He is an IFS officer.

CMD NTPC given Additional Charge of DVC

Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC has been given Additional Charge of the post of Chairman, Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) by Govt. of India.

Posting of 1986 batch IAS officers to start from December ?

Lack of vacancies is said to have delayed the posting of 1986 batch IAS officers to the rank of Secretary in the Government of India. It is now expected to start from December.

No IAS officer left in offer list of GoI

According to information, no IAS  officer is left in the offer list under Central staffing Scheme in the Government of India. Maximum officers belong to IOFS and ISS. Three officers each are waiting for their postings.

Pr Commissioner takes Voluntary Retirement

Sunil Kumar Das, Pr Commissioner of Commissioner(G), Mumbai Zone-1, has taken Voluntary Retirement from the service which is effective from Oct 17, 2018. He is an IRS(C&CE) officer.

Former Judge joins politics

Former Judge K. Ravinder Reddy, who quit after delivering the verdict in the Mecca Masjid blast case, has joined the Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS|).

Choudhary is Dy MD & CFO of Spentex Industries

Spentex Industries Limited has appointed Kapil Choudhary as Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of the company .

Luthra is Independent Dir of Panacea Biotec

Panacea Biotec Limited has appointed Ashwini Luthra as Non- Executive Independent Director of the company .

Kanakagiri quits as Independent Director of Omaxe Ltd

Srinivas Kanakagiri quits as Independent Director of Omaxe Limited.

Mrs Kumaramangalam is Independent Director of Poddar Pigments

Poddar Pigments Limited has appointed Mrs Lalitha Kumaramangalam as Non- Executive Independent Director of the company .


Bamulahza! Hoshiar! driver is on his cell phone!

I have been hearing for the last more than half a century that magician Ching Fungley could drive a motorcycle in the busy city areas completely blindfolded. I thought he could do this only because of his magic power. But these days hundreds of such magicians are visible on the Indian roads. A family of six is often seen riding a scooter, with the driver using one hand on the steering and other on his ear with a mobile phone in his hand. Even cyclists, tonga-wallas, rickshaw-wallas on roads  and pedestrians while crossing the road, keep on attending to the mobile calls, oblivious of the dangers and perils of such activity.


I remember a strange incident, which happened about 15 years back. My friend's son ,who was a engineering student, often indulged in odd behaviour. He was driving his car in the high security sector 39 govt residential colony ,where ministers and big bureaucrats lived. He was passing near the house of an additional director general of police, when he hit the stationary police vehicle, in which its driving was sitting. The driver of police vehicle sustained minor injuries. Before my friend's son could tell his identity, the security men pounced on him and gave him brutal beating. He was handed over to the nearby police station, where with great efforts, he was got released. It was later revealed that like James Bond, he would read a book, while driving his car. This was the cause of accident, which was helpful in bringing him to senses with minimum damage. If one goes on the roads in any Punjab city, nine out of ten car/jeep drivers will definitely be using mobile phones while driving ,even in the thick of mad traffic. A person ,who does any other work ,while driving is akin to a blind person. Should govt give driving licenses to the blind too?


For any person to get a driving license ,he has to be physically fit, which only a qualified doctor can certify. These days most of the drivers use only one hand while driving. Should the govt relax the fitness clause or enforce law more vigorously ? I narrate a incident here. My colleague ,who was a district transport officer. told me one day that a person who had only one hand that too with two missing fingers, applied for the driving license. He had also procured a fitness certificate for the purpose. My friend rejected his case twice. But that person told my friend to take his driving test in the most difficult area. My friend tried it and found out that the less- abled person drove the vehicle better than the able-bodied people. He wrote a long speaking order and granted him the license. However after about three months, when he was driving his vehicle near Simla, it met with an accident as he could not negotiate the sharp curve in time. My friend had to appear before claims tribunal for his dangerously innovative work and face harassment. He was of the opinion, after burning his fingers, that physical and even mental fitness was most essential for issue of a driving license.


During my tenure as district transport officer, I came across many drivers particularly truck drivers, who would keep five driving licenses with them. If one was impounded they would forget about it and start using the other one. These were called Lahori licences in lighter vein. The fear of law is totally missing as far as driving or following traffic law is concerned. Earlier the most dangerous aspect of driving was drunken driving, but the use of cell phone while driving has become more exponentially lethal. I spoke to one deputy commissioner and commissioner police to invoke section 144 Crpc to eliminate this menace. They were diffident about sustaining the effectiveness of such actions. In the year 2014,the govt loudly spoke about bringing about safe traffic/transport by legislating new act. Not a cat has stirred since then except the enhancement in composition fee of such offences. Indian roads must be made more safe.

Surinderjit Singh Sandhu, Amritsar


M. S. Bindra- passes away

A towering personality and exceptionally capable & bold IRS (Customs & Central Excise) officer of 1958 batch is no more. Held in high esteem for his 03 years (1980-83) tenure as Director of Enforcement, for transforming ED into a truly functional & effective Investigating agency, by providing pragmatic leadership. Encouraged & firmly stood behind efficient officers, even to the extent of personally owning up their genuine mistakes. Paid a heavy price for his firmness, when was shifted out, almost at mid-night, apparently being found uncomfortable by the power lobby. Even thereafter, continued his tirade against economic offenders, as Director, Anti- Evasion (Central Excise), which finally turned out to be his water-loo; Prematurely retired, in 1985; the Order was struck down by Hon'ble Supreme Court, but alas many years later, when the relief was just notional, having already crossed age of superannuation. Respectful homage to the Captain, who led from the front, was the best shield & shock-absorber for the Team, besides an unforgettable noble human being.......

Arun Sharma


Dropping of penalty proceedings

The Appellant claimed illegal removal from employment in the Maharaja Agarsain Public School. The PIO made all possible efforts to procure the necessary information from the School and the actual grievance of the appellant was redressed. A show cause notice was issued for imposing penalty. The PIO tendered an unconditional apology for the delay in dissemination of information. The CIC held that the PIO made all possible efforts to procure the necessary information from the School, who is the actual custodian of information and the actual grievance of the appellant has also been redressed. The appellant informed the CIC that she is satisfied with the information received. The CIC exonerated the notice from the penal proceedings.


Penalty can be imposed on the PIO for malafide denial of information and the onus is on the PIO to show that the denial was legal.

Citation: Renu Jain v. Department of Education Dr. Mallikarjun K S - DDE Mr. V.K. Kajal -PIO in F. No. CIC/DIRED/A/2017/188568, Date of Decision: 23.07.2018

Dr. Anuradha Verma (dranuradhaverma@yahoo.co.in) is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/